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Foodie Friday

So, for the first Foodie Friday post, I thought I’d talk about finger foods—a topic that is near and dear to my heart now that my kids are ten months old. (Seriously, when did that happen???). If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, just post it in the comments. 

We started solid foods at six months, waiting until then because the pediatrician said that breastmilk was all they needed until that point. And, honestly, I had no desire to add one more task into my day if I didn’t need to. We did the usual purees…..rice cereal, pears, applesauce, sweet potatoes. The usual favorites. We introduced more first foods in the next few months, and then…..I realized they were old enough to start finger foods. Yikes! Choking hazards, chewing issues (Can they chew without any teeth? Well, yes, those gums are hard, but still….more things to worry about), another new thing to start. So, I asked around. I talked to people. I talked some more. And then I got the best advice…..try rice krispies. A handful on their tray for them to play with. They are small (no choking!), dissolve quickly (again, no choking), have no wheat (our pedi recommended no wheat until a year, due to a family history of Celiac’s disease), cheap and easy. Huh. So, one night, when they were about eight months old, we tried them. A handful on each tray….the kids were entranced. This was different! They actually spent 20 minutes trying to pick them up. Wow…not only did I get to try something they were ready for, I got 20 minutes to empty the dishwasher, prepare their meals for the next day and get ready for bathtime. Abigail was able to get a few krispies up, Danny, not so much. But, this became our nightly routine. Krispies for kiddos, chores for Mommy. We were all happy. And, within a week or so, Danny could pick up those krispies too. We moved on to chunks of avocado (yummy, but slippery), shredded cheese at nine months (such a hit!), smooshed beans (really, really a hit….any kind will do), pieces of ripe pear (also slippery), shreds of ripe apple, and little pieces of peaches. Now, at ten months, they would prefer to eat with their own fingers than with the spoon. And, while this streak of independence is great (so people tell me) it comes down to this….what do I feed them every night? Really, they have only two half-teeth between them. Both Danny’s. They aren’t allowed to have wheat, honey, egg whites, strawberries, nuts, peanuts……so what do I feed them???!!! I’ll list my ideas down below, and those of you with other great brainstorms, share them with us!

Pieces of fruit (pears, apples, peaches).


Strips of egg yolk

Rice krispies/ Bunny Love (funny named gluten-free cereal)

Beans (black/red/kidney/baked)

Cooked pasta

Cooked sweet potato

Shredded cheese/cubed cheese/slices of cheese (my kiddos love cheese in any form—wonder who they got that from?)

Frozen waffles (yep, you can get gluten-free anything at Whole Foods!)

 Next week…’ve fed the kids, now what do you eat?

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13 thoughts on “Finger foods for little ones”

  1. Love the rice krispie idea!

    My kids will eat frozen peas (rinse them to thaw), but the skin can sometimes be a problem. We also do bits of pancakes, but I have found that just about anything can cause my kids to choke/gag. J has 7 teeth, F 2, and they are 9 months olds. They have been eating solids for 5 months, and I am grateful for the ideas in this post, as I certainly am out of them!

  2. Some other things my kids loved at that age:

    * Turkey meatballs. Soft enough to mash with gums.
    * Lentils. They come pre-cooked at Trader Joes.
    * Mushrooms, again soft!
    * Chopped olives. Careful on the salt.
    * Soups…I would drain the liquid off the soup and just give them the veggie mix. There is a great organic vegetable soup at TJs. This is a good hack for working moms.
    * Yogurt. You can find soy yogurt just about anywhere if you can’t do dairy.
    * Roasted root vegetables – squash, turnips, potatoes. Drizzle with olive oil and bake until super soft.
    * Mashed potatoes.

  3. Omigoodness, the memories this brings back! We had a 3% curve rider (and she’s still a willow, a wisp, a reed…) and we were completely pro-avocado chunklets and black olive slices…happy, natural fats.

    No doubt she’d be ecstatic with a trip to the Mediterranean…as would I, actually… 😉

    Our son was of the looser palate-d variety and was aces with the de rigeur Cheerios. Although paranoid plural mama that I was (am?), I broke them into not 1/2s but 1/4s!
    (He was toothless ’til 14 months, could you blame me? 😉 )

    So excited to see such a great new resource for twin mamas! Looking forward to checking in often!

  4. Love this article! I am SO going to try rice krispies tonight.

    Anything to avoid using the mesh feeder….man oh man is that thing a pain to clean.

    And Cheryl Lage, I thought that name was familiar….checked my bookshelf and now I know why. 😉

  5. Hello….my son and I both have Celiac Disease and are gluten-free. Are you aware that Rice Krispies contain malt, which is made from barley, and are NOT gluten-free? (Celiacs can’t have wheat, rye, barley (malt), or oats, as you know if it runs in your family.) Rice Krispies give me an immediate reaction to them. You may want to stick with your gluten-free “rice krispie-like” cereal. When the kids get teeth, you can try Health Valley’s Rice Crunch-Ems Cereal, which is like Chex Rice Cereal. It also makes great marshmallow treats. My son can not have peanuts, nuts, shellfish, or soy, so we are constantly searching for gluten-free products w/o nuts or soy that isn’t made in a factory with nuts or sesame seeds. Also, many margarines and oils that restaurants use have soy in them. Ugh! Good luck with your twins!


  6. we just started tofu this week and it seems to be a big hit. i will have to give the avocado thing a try. They love pureed avocado and I’m sure C will enojy trying to pick it up. Z will probably cry, but then new things always make her cry :) Rice krispies are an interesting idea. will try that too! thanks!

  7. Awesome info! Our twins were 9 months old on Feb 18th so this is perfect timing for us.

    The avocados were a huge hit with our identical girls but I am looking forward to trying the rice krispies in the next few moments.

    Thank you!! and good luck with your twin-umplings!

  8. Love this site!!!! I haven’t seen bananas listed here – I cut them in slices, then into tiny cubes using an egg slicer (slice one way, scoop out with your hand, open egg slicer, insert strips of banana in the other way and voila). Works for many things, like avacados, pear, etc. Also, a tip for slippery items: blend up cereal into a powder (we use whole wheat flakes that come in a bag from Whole Foods and I blend in our Magic Bullet – best $50 ever spent!), put in a shaker (like an old spice jar) and shake onto bananas, avacados, etc. It makes them so much easier for the babies to pick up and actually get into their mouths!

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