Little Ways your Little Ones Can Help!

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Know what’s super-awesome? When your husband is there to help you manage the two screaming little babies you are now responsible for taking care of. So what do you do when he’s NOT around? If you’re really fertile lucky, you might have an older child around the house that is capable of helping out with small, but important, tasks. Of course, the things that your bigger little one can help out with varies depending on their age and maturity. Twice a week I work a full day at home with all three of the girls and no helper. Let’s just say I’ve become resourceful!

Some of the baby-related jobs that I tricked encouraged the Monkey (who is 5) to help me out with:

  • Nuk-Keeper: She’s like a little detective! Jason blamed me for mis-placing all of the Nuk’s. Peyton found 5 of them under the crib.
  • Toy Duty: She is in charge of the toys. She knows which ones they like, and before we leave she gets them out of the toy basket and gives them to the girls.
  • Bottle-Shaker: OK. One piece of advice: Make sure that the lid is on properly. You don’t need any unnecessary frustration.
  • Pajama-Picker-Outer: We have this really awesome alternative to standard dressers. It is low enough for Monkey to reach, so I can tell which drawer to look in and pick out an outfit when the girls are in need a change of clothes!
  • Diaper-Runner: self-explanatory!
  • Dirty Bottle Finder: She does a quick once-over to make sure there are no dirty bottles that we forgot to put in the dishwasher.
  • Entertainer: We always put the currently unhappy baby in the middle car seat so that Monkey can practice her silly faces, re-insert nuks, hold bottles, or sing songs to said baby to help the drive go a little more smoothly. (see picture above)

Some of the Monkey’s other favorite household jobs to help me out with include (all require supervision!):

  • Laundry: Putting in the quarters, transferring from washer to dryer, folding towels & baby blankets, etc.
  • Watering plants
  • Cooking: Finding ingredients, stirring noodles
  • Kitchen detail: Wiping down counters, putting away silverware

Some things definitely do NOT work (ie: Letting Monkey push the double stroller while at the mall on the weekend. Bad idea all around). So, what has worked for your family? What has not? (Please also share your big kids’ ages!)

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4 thoughts on “Little Ways your Little Ones Can Help!”

  1. Can I have her? :) Unfortunately, I cannot add any suggestions for this post since these stinkers are my first BUT last week when cleaning the boys’ room I too discovered the black hole that swallows pacifiers under the crib. Who knew??? I just thought that I was hideous at keeping track of them.

  2. My “big helper” is still a wee 29 months old and her “little twin brothers” are a hefty 11 months old (all three weigh the same…). Still, she does do her part around the house. In fact I just posted my toddler chore list on my own blog. Here’s a summary: throws things away (diapers, etc.), picks up toys/stuff/sippy cups, turns washing machine on (front loader–button is on her level), separates boy clothes from girls clothes when they come out of the wash, empties silverware from dishwasher, puts all plastic dishes away (some are toys and go in her little kitchen), helps me cook (stirring, dumping ingredients, etc.), keeps the boys entertained on command (love this one!!), etc. Some take a little more training than others, but she’s in a very “helpful” stage right now, so I’m taking advantage of it!

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