The craziest twin comment directed at my kids

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My boys turn 22 months next week and I overheard this conversation when they were just 6 months old. So far, none of the typical “double trouble” or “hands full” comments can beat this one.

Random mom at playground speaking to her 4 year old daughter:

“Look, it’s real twins, not Irish twins like you and your sister.”

 Please tell me you’ve heard comments crazier than this!

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10 thoughts on “The craziest twin comment directed at my kids”

  1. I have been asked if I had to go into labor twice, and I had someone argue with me that they couldn’t possibly be twins because my son looks older and is bigger. I assured her that they are indeed twins. I have also had a lot of people say “Oh, he must be older, because he is bigger.” And they are right! He is ONE MINUTE older than his sister.

  2. That is hysterical! The way she said it kind of sounds like an unfortunate sounding “insult” to her own kiddos as well!
    (Although ain’t nothin’ wrong with being Irish! 😉 )

  3. I just love it when people with “Irish twins” try to tell me they know exactly what I’m going through. Um, no you don’t! And I don’t know how hard it would be to have a newborn and a 13-month-old, either… but it’s not the “same thing.”

  4. I was sitting at the airport one time waiting for someone to arrival and got talking with a woman next to me. Her sister had twins and was sick and tired of people asking – “oh are they twins”. She finally said “No, they are triplets but one died.”

    I don’t know if I would ever have the guts to say that. But I completely understand when people can get so annoying. Mine are obviously twins, same size, look the same, and usually are dressed the same (their choice).

  5. I’ve heard so many crazy things too. Our ear doctor (who presumably went to medical school, right??) once asked us if they have ESP. I’ve heard, “they don’t wake each other up at night, right? Because they have that twin bond, right?” Um no. And of course there’s the always pleasant, “Oh thank god it’s not me.” Um, yearh, I agree.

  6. I had a good one as I was leaving the mall yesterday. A woman with a little girl, about 4 years old, walked past as I was putting the boys in the car. The woman said to her granddaughter, “That woman has two babies. Maybe she’ll give you one.” The little girl said exactly what I was thinking — “What?!?”

  7. I have entire rant devoted to this topic, but the exchange that makes me laugh the most is this:
    Stranger: “Are they identical?”
    Me: “Yes.”
    Stranger: “No, they’re not!”
    I understand that many parents don’t know for a fact whether their twins are monozygotic, but we, in fact, do.

    The sad thing is that I’ve had that conversation on multiple occasions.

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