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Ooh, how alliterative I am today!

 A few weeks ago I posted about finger foods—and got back some great ideas from other moms out there. In case people missed some of them in the comments section, I thought I’d post a Finger Foods part 2 post today. Some of these ideas are too good not to share! As always, check in with your pediatrician for the final word on what your baby can and can’t have. I find that foods are one area where pediatricians can be all over the map, especially on foods like yogurt, cheese or wheat!

Slippery fruit?

Try cutting up slippery fruit, such as peaches, bananas or pears, and then shaking them in a bag full of wheat germ or Cheerio crumbs. Volia! Much easier for little fingers to pick up. Or, Lena suggests you can put the crumbs in an old spice jar and shake on.

New suggestions for finger foods

Turkey or beef meatballs, frozen peas (rinse in warm water to cook, or heat in microwave for 45 seconds), lentils (Trader Joe’s sells a pre-cooked variety), tofu chunks (huge hit in our house), mushrooms, chopped olives (careful on the salt), roasted root veggies (squash, turnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes), mashed potatoes, bananas (so my kids are weird, and it took them months to eat bananas—but now will eat a full banana each at a sitting. Shocking, really.).  Krissy suggests bites of pancakes. Yum. I try to branch out on toppings for waffles and pancakes–my kids really enjoy a nice scoop of hummus on top of their waffle. Or cream cheese. Anything cheese is good. Blueberries from a bag of frozen blueberries are good. Just let thaw in fridge and serve. A small pile of cottage cheese? Always a hit!

Other fun food ideas

LauraC suggests soups. Drain the liquid off the soup and just give them the veggie mix. There’s a great organic vegetable soup at Trader Joe’s.

Yogurt: Huge hit in our house! We get ours from Whole Foods–no hormones/antibiotics etc…The Whole Foods brand is thicker than Stoneyfield Farms and thus  stays on the spoon better. Anything that leads to less mess is good in our house! And now that the kids want to feed themselves, viscosity is even more important. Oh, if I had a dollar for every spoonful of food that’s gone flying this week…..babies-ten-months-551.jpgLauraC mentions that there is soy yogurt available too for those babies who can’t do dairy. Same goes with the cheese. Again, your friendly neighborhood Whole Foods will have options galore! 

Check out for some good finger food recipes too. Love this site! There are some broccoli/cheese nuggets that are great. (Use baby cereal in place of bread crumbs if you haven’t introduced wheat yet.)

Food prep hint of the week, courtesy of Lena (thanks, Lena!): Cut bananas into slices, then into tiny cubes using an egg slicer. (Slice one way, then scoop out with your hand, open egg slicer, insert strips of banana the other way). She says this works with pears or avocados too. Will have to pull out my egg slicer and try it out!

Have more ideas? Post them and share with the rest of us mommies!


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  1. Another great baby-food making tool is a mandolin or “v-slicer.” They can quickly cut food like apples, pears, potatoes, etc., into 3/8 inch strips. Microwave the strips of apple with a little water, and you get soft “apple strings” for the kiddos – or run a knife through them once they are cut to make instant little cubes of things.

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