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There is no doubt about it – having multiples is expensive. While we will provide you with weekly reviews of specific products, one of the first pieces of product advice HDYDI moms would like to pass on is this: buy stuff used when you can. Babies grow out of clothing and products quickly.

One of the best resources for finding used baby items is your local multiples group. If you need just one reason to join your local group, getting baby stuff at a discount is that reason. Besides the obvious expensive items (double stroller, two cribs, two high chairs), there are many other products you may want to duplicate (two swings, two exersaucers, two bumbos).

By buying used items from other multiple parents, not only do you save money, you also:

  • Help the environment by reusing items
  • Give money back to multiple parents
  • Can test out products your children may not like without spending a fortune
  • Get a chance to meet other multiple parents

Before you hit your local twins group sale, here are some tips to make your shopping experience successful:

  • Do your research before the sale on big ticket items such as strollers
  • Carefully inspect toys to ensure they will not be hazardous to your children
  • Carefully inspect clothing for stains and holes
  • Plan time after the sale to wash and disinfect toys
  • If you see other moms checking out the items you’re checking out, say hi and introduce yourself!
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2 thoughts on “Product Review: Used stuff”

  1. If your twin sale is anything like ours, I offer the following additional advice:
    1. Get there early. If they open the doors early for club members, go then.
    2. Do NOT bring your kids with you.
    3. Prepare yourself, physically and emotionally, for total chaos.
    4. If you’re like me, and are not good at shopping under these circumstances, go with a list of things you need/are looking for. Helps to prevent the “deer stuck in headlights” syndrome.

  2. I second the recommendation for joining your local moms of multiples club! I bought a bunch of stuff of the listserv our club has—who wants to pay full price for an exersaucer that you will use for 5 months? And, I resell all my big items once we’re done with them…it’s a win-win for everyone. Besides, you can get a lot of good advice from those moms too.

    And twin sales scare me a bit (all those moms, all those pregnant bellies, all those babies everywhere) but you can get some great deals. My recommendation—leave your husband at home as well. I took mine when I was pregnant and I don’t think he’s forgiven me for it yet.

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