Ask the Moms, part 5 – Pregnancy discomfort

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Today’s question comes from Jen, who is somewhere in her 30+ weeks of twin pregnancy, and also has a toddler at home. She wants to know if we have any suggestions for alleviating discomfort.

Oh, Jen. That sound you heard was the collective groan of remembrance and sympathy from the HDYDI moms. Some people swear you forget things about pregnancy and childbirth. But we twin moms will never forget how uncomfortable those final weeks were. We literally feel your pain. And while we have some suggestions, the hard truth is that the only cure is delivery. We hope the next weeks fly by.

There are some ways to take the edge off, however. Some of our favorites:

  • Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. Send your husband to the guest room if need be, because there will be more pillows surrounding you than you thought humanly possible. Between the knees, under the belly, one to hug, one behind you (so you don’t roll onto your back)… etc etc etc.
  • If heartburn or sleeping position are an issue, lots of people spend the end of their pregnancy sleeping (or at least attempting to sleep) in a recliner.
  • Warm baths or showers for that aching back (though if it’s already “out,” consider cold instead of heat. I found that if my back had already “gone out,” the heat just further inflamed the injury. See what works for you.)
  • Go for a swim. I was a terrifying sight to behold at 35 weeks pregnant in my blue gingham maternity bathing suit, but the relative weightlessness and freedom of movement in the water is really nice. Just beware: you feel extra heavy when you then have to get out of the water.
  • Check out those belly support belts they sell at maternity stores. Sometimes it takes just a touch of the strain off of you, carrying that immense load in front.
  • Just keep drinking a ridiculous quantity of water. Yes, you have to pee every 25 minutes, but you’re going to have to do that anyways, so better to be hydrated and stave off extra swelling and contractions. Rest, drink, pee, repeat.

As for caring for a toddler, all we can say is to get as much help as you possibly can. Mothers (-in-law), sisters (-in-law), cousins, neighbors, friends. Hire a middle- or high-school mother’s helper if you can. There’s no real tricks to make it easier at this point, and it may be wise to have a setup in place before your twins are born. So your toddler is used to her “special friends” who come over just to shower her with attention.

Unfortunately, Jen (and the rest of you nice pregnant ladies out there), there’s only so much we can offer as help on this one. The late weeks of a twin pregnancy are just plain awful most of the time, and you just have to try out every single position you can think of to try to get a few minutes of relief. All we can say is “hang in there, you’ll make it.” Oh, and try not to kill people who say genius things like “enjoy your sleep while you still can!” We know what it’s like. You haven’t slept for months. I remember thinking that first night in my hospital bed post-cesarean was the best night of sleep I’d had in the better part of a year. No joke.

Good luck to you, and we can’t wait to hear about those babies! (And we’ll try to address the car issue, too, maybe next week?)

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6 thoughts on “Ask the Moms, part 5 – Pregnancy discomfort”

  1. Thank you so much for your suggestions and help! (and may I add, your sympathy!!) I’ll try some of those that I hadn’t thought of! Like you said, the end is not more than 6 weeks away! I keep reminding myself that although I am uncomfortable, the twins are sure easier to take care of now than they will be in 6 weeks! :)

  2. Guys..Iam close to 24 weeks and i havent had good sleep in the past week…whoever said the 2nd trimester was the best part of the pregnancy!!….cant imagine how life will be during 30+ weeks…IAM CRANKY and need my sleep.

  3. Ooh, the last few weeks. I almost cried when my OB told me she wouldn’t induce right at 38 weeks, that I might go to, gasp, 38 weeks and 4 days. Seriously, almost cried. Of course, I had the babies almost two weeks shy of that goal. I woke up from 18 hours of real unpleasantness (stalled labor, pitocin, more pitocin and then finally a C section) to the thought, “Oooh, I feel fantastic!!””. Ok, so some of that was the morphine IV they had in me, but the other part was that I could breathe finally, my back no longer hurt and my body had finally stopped aching.

  4. Ohhh, the memories. Just when I thought that waking up 5 times per night with Baby B here was the pits, I’m reminded that at least I have a soft, warm baby to hang out with. You know, instead of just an uncomfortable bed and an umoving clock and Baby A trying to kick a foot out of my rear end. So my lack of sleep these days is way better than a year ago. 😉

  5. now i feel bad… i moan to my husband about being slightly uncomfortable in the evening. then i go to bed and sleep all night… sorry! 29 weeks now and long may it last.

  6. I am remembering (like Rebecca) the bliss of the post C-section feeling. Sure, the drugs had a lot to do with it. But I think the ease of breathing and ability to once again lay on my back had MORE to do with it! Also, I was pretty happy to look down and see my feet again – haha!

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