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To date, we have been fortunate enough to not feel the increased financial pressures having multiple babies can bring. In the beginning, they boys were exclusively breastfed so buying food was a non-issue. And as far as supplies went, we had a good start: we had half the gear in place from our first child and we were given a second crib, pack-n-play, and a DuoGlider from generous friends and family who no longer needed them. We also received our second infant car seat, Snap-n-Go, and nursing pillow(s) as gifts. Not to mention the clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. Even diapers were plentiful back in the day.

Yes, the beginning was filled with generousity and kindness and we are eternally grateful. But I now realize, we became incredibly spoiled! This week has been a real wake-up call to the reality of paying for multiple children.

It started with Easter shopping. One little Easter outfit (shirt, vest, pants, hat, shoes) is a splurge I am alright with. Double that purchase and I wonder, do they really need those things for just one day? I gave in and bought the stuff. It was all just too cute. I justified it by setting up a photo session for them the following weekend. They will wear the outfits then and I will be able to see the cuteness hanging on my living room wall forever.

It was when I got home and started putting those cute new outfits away that I realized: OMG, we have finally run through that seemingly never-ending supply of cute little boy clothes. 9-months appears to have been the magic cut-off age. So, back out to the stores I went. Even shopping the sales, I was crushed when I heard my total at the cash register. Two of everything sure adds up QUICKLY.

Then there was the crushing blow at daycare.  On back to back to back days this week, the boys’ daily reports requested me to refill their supply of…something. First, diapers. Then formula. Finally, wipes. WTF – am I supplying the whole infant room? Didn’t I just bring in all this stuff last week. I am already buying these things by the case. Do I need to start buying TWO cases at once? Yikes!

I guess it was just a matter of time. I have been living in a delusional world where having two babies didn’t cost me too much more than the first one did. I count my blessings for the past 8 1/2 months. I also count my pennies a little more closely. I just hope these children are prepared to support ME in my old age in return… :-) 

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5 thoughts on “Wake up call”

  1. Jason thinks I’m being over zealous when I buy stuff that’s on end of season clearance that the girls will be able to wear next year. Just ‘cuz they can’t wear it now, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t buy it now while it’s super cheap, right? Geez, I mean in January I bought over $500 of clothes from Old Navy for $80.

    Now the amount I spend on childcare, diapers, wipes, and formula, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  2. My boys have recently started eating insane amounts and our grocery bill has skyrocketed! It’s worse than the cost of formula. But I hear you, everything is so so so expensive when doubled.

  3. Yes, my kids have started eating crazy amounts of food too! Seriously, where does it all go? I liked the breastfeeding better–at least then, I got to eat all the cookies or ice cream I wanted to and the food for them was “free”.

  4. My big smack in the face was when I just booked four tickets to Florida to see M’s family. GOOD LORD that was expensive! You know, if I just had one kid, I could do the lap baby thing for a while. Then ease into sometimes buying an extra seat. Then I’d have a second kid, ease into that, etc.
    But with two (at least, our two), it would not work well to have them as lap infants on a flight longer than maybe an hour. And so, four seats it is. Gasp…

  5. I never would have guessed that two 9 month old baby girls could eat us out of house and home. And that’s taking into account I make all their food and they are breastfed, I think we would be homeless if I didn’t breastfeed, lol.!

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