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Ah, the sickies times two. At the end of a long winter, I am beginning to think that this has been our life for a long time. It started in October, with ear infections (same ears, same high fevers), then moved on to nasty colds over Thanksgiving (and it was kind of them to share these colds with the visiting family), colds before Christmas, colds in January, then the stomach flu (which they were also kind enough to share with us, their grandmother and the babysitter, such generous kiddos that I have), colds, an ear infection and possible pneumonia for Abigail….and now Abigail has a fever again.

 There is nothing like the dread in the pit of your stomach when the baby wakes up with a stuffy nose. Or you hear a little cough when all should be quiet upstairs for naptime. Because you know that if one baby has it, the other will most likely get it….and that any plans you had for the next week are shot. Today, it is a trip to the pediatrician instead of our first music class. Yesterday, it was leaving them with their grandparents even though Abigail had a fever (we may have glossed over the fever a bit—and said she was feeling a bit “under the weather”—we had theatre tickets and dinner reservations! And, to our credit, she was fine.) And, worst of all, you know that there are two crabby babies facing you, one (pretty crabby) parent. All day. With no music class to distract them, or playgroup to go to or nice walk to go on with friends. Because, as awful as the sickies are, you don’t want to share them with friends (this is how you get fewer friends). But, after a few days at home by yourself with two sick (crabby, clingy) babies who aren’t napping well, you get desperate. A trip to Whole Foods? What a fantastic idea! The grocery store…again? Sounds great! Maybe there’s something we need at Target (hard to imagine, since we were there two days ago, but let’s go and see…). This is how germs are spread….desperate, desperate parents taking sick kiddos out in public.

 Alright, time to go wake up sleeping babies (cringe…what an awful thing to do!) and go to the pediatrician. Ah, the fun times of a mom of twins…

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8 thoughts on “Sick twins”

  1. Funny no matter if you even tried to seperate them, keep nuks seperate and quarantined one of them….they still get sick! We too have had the colds, fevers, croup, pneumonia, anit-biotics (3 rounds) steriods (2 rounds) and nebulizers to add on top of it! I always sit and think what it would be like to only have to use the nebulizer with one child….. oh how nice it would be!

  2. I’m right there with you! It’s been sickness throughout our house constantly. Either a cough/runny nose or a virus! It’s horrible…and yes, i too, cringe when i know one is getting sick…knowing the toher will get it soon. I’ve come to the decision that the sooner the other gets it…the better…because you just get it and get it over with! I also cringe knowing…i’ll have two sick babies and then my 3.5 year old is right there with them. I keep thinking…she’s 3.5…she can just keep her hands washed and keep things out of her mouth…not the case. They ALL get it!

  3. Sick twins ARE the worst. I don’t understand how people with more than two do it! I am a mess when my girls are both sick or — worse — when one has it for a week and then the other gets it for another week. Rough days.

  4. As Sarah just said “if one gets sick, the other isn’t far behind.” I think that’s the worst part for me: one does get sick…and the other follows. We can never manage to get both treated at the same pedi. appointment! And everytime we go, we have to lug both babies and the toddler. The looks of sympathy from the other parents in the waiting room help a little, but the trip(s) to the pharmacy knock me back down again…lAt least it’s almost spring!

  5. I second (third) the comment about illness following illness. With all siblings, I assume, one will generally get sick a few days after the other, stretching the sick time out. Our pediatrician is great about preventive treatment, and since our twins weigh exactly the same, we’re often given permission to share their prescriptions once the second to get sick comes down with whatever it is, saving us trips to the pharmacy. My girls love to comfort each other, but when they’re both sick, they just don’t have the energy, making them doubly grumpy.

  6. We went through the rounds this winter, too, and even had to call in back up (my mom)–with twins and toddler all throwing up (and parents), there just weren’t enough hands to keep sheets running through the wash. One night, the boys (identical) woke up throwing up at the exact same time…weird.

  7. Man, I hear ya on the sicknesses. But I tell you what, I will take a stuffy nose ANY day over the stomach flu that we ended up fighting this year. Diarrhea from head to toe about 5 times a day x 2 ten month old babies, about 4 loads of laundry a day, and a few less friends because we got them sick before I realized what was happening. Fortunately I was only sick for 4 hours, because no one is left to take care of MoM!!!

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