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(I was given this framed poem for my birthday, and thought I would share it.)

 Her Little Shadows

I saw a young mother with eyes full of laughter

And two little shadows come following after

Wherever she moved, they were always right there-

Holding onto her skirts, hanging onto her chair,

Before her, behind her-an adhesive pair.


“Don’t you ever get weary as, day after day,

Your two little tagalongs get in your way?”


She smiled as she shook her pretty young head,

And I’ll always remember the words that she said:

It’s good to have shadows that run when you run

That laugh when you’re happy and hum when you hum-

For you only have shadows when your life is filled with sun.

~Barbara Burrow

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3 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. Thanks for the poem- it’s been “a day”… exploding diapers, followed by a flooded bathroom and a toddler with a cold but I still wouldn’t exchange it for anything. Thanks for sharing!

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