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…for the twice-yearly event known as the Twin Club Sale! I’ve been meaning to write up a whole post extolling the virtues of Twin Clubs and particularly, the consignment sales they’re famous for. I’m fairly involved with my twin club, so I always volunteer at the sale. This year, I ran one of the registers at the member’s only sale – the big event that’s open to the public isn’t until tomorrow morning. We’ll have a line of probably a hundred people waiting to get in at 7 in the morning – everyone’s looking for a bargain!

Oh, had I only KNOWN the bargains available at these sales when I was pregnant with my twins. I could have picked up cribs, carseats, a double stroller, Exersaucers, etc. etc. etc. for a FRACTION of what I paid for them new. And it’s all pretty nice stuff, too. What I really look forward to, though, is unloading all of our outgrown clothing and equipment we no longer need. A few weeks after the sale, I get a nice little check from the club. This year, it’s going to pay for our gas money to drive to California so our kids can meet Mickey Mouse.

Here’s our club’s big sale, all ready for the crowd of shoppers:

2008 Spring Sale

If you haven’t checked out these types of sales, you are missing OUT, mama!

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5 thoughts on “I've been preparing for weeks now…”

  1. Oh, I am so jealous! Our club sale is about a quarter of that size. But still, as you said, I was able to find great deals even at the smaller sized sale. Well worth checking out!!

  2. Best place to get baby stuff! I haven’t sold yet because I can’t face the work of tagging/pricing etc…maybe next year.

  3. So glad I found this site! I am due with twins this July/August and while I have found several local moms of twins, it’s also nice to see what others are doing. Will look forward to checking back in often!

  4. wow – our club is small and their market day had a pitifull selection for sale (In Australia Multiple clubs are smaller
    Hope you get a nice cheque.

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