Growing, Growing, GONE!

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Bags and bags and bags and bags!

I’ve had several friends give birth to singletons within the past year.  Upon finding out that they were expecting a baby, I was more than excited to learn whether or not that baby was a boy.  You see, I have two.  Two boys that is.  And for some reason, when you have two kids at the same time, the amount of clothing that you seem to aquire does not just double (like you would think)…it quintuples! 

We are in the hellish sale pending process (don’t even get me started on this!) with our current home.  And, by early next week, we will officially be homeless!  That is, until we close on our new house the following week.  With all of this moving madness, I’ve noticed that the amount of baby stuff that we have is un-freaking-beliveable! 

Brook and I moved up to Alaksa in our Subaru.  We sold nearly everything after we finished grad school and only our prized pocessions (plants, KitchenAid mixer, ski/snowboard/hiking gear) came with us on the 3,000 mile journey to The Last Frontier.  Now, nearly 5 years later, we are having to rent a storage unit (the size of our garage) and fill up half of my in-laws garage to make this move work.  Oh , and  we have our neighbor’s garage on “stand by”, just in case. 

So.  Much.  Stuff!

Baby Stuff, that is.

Yesterday, B and I were scanning the boxes, bags and such and we noticed something.  Almost half of the boxes and bags contained outgrown baby clothes and gear!  No matter how many clothes I give away, no matter how many big-gear items I sell on Craigslist, it just keeps multiplying!

It’s amazing how fast kids grow within the first year.  For awhile, I was going through their closet every weekend…getting rid of clothes that they’d outgrown.  I’d save them and then pass them along to friends with boys who were younger than Finn and Reid.  Well, now we’ve come to a crossroads. 

#1 The babies that were once younger and smaller than our boys, are now, still younger, but bigger!  It’s a running joke between a few of us that pretty soon our friends with younger kids will be passing down clothes for Finn and Reid to wear, instead of vice versa.

#2  Our peeps are pregnant, but with the wrong variety.  We have a few friends who are expecting, but one friend is pregnant with a girl and the others are pregnant with un-disclosed sexes.  Lame.  Especially considering they are not due until the late summer and we are want to hold a garage sale in the early summer.  Bad timing.  Maybe I could request a copy of the ultrasound so that at least I could know the sex, simply for the sake of not having to store all of this gear for an extra two months.  Hmmmmm…..

So, what’s a MoT to do when the kids just keep growing, and the amount of outgrown clothes and gear keeps multiplying…And your friends’ reprductive cycles just simply cannot keep up with the accumulation of more outgrown stuff ?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask a friend, who has a friend, who may have a friend that may be pregnant.  It doesn’t really matter who gets the cute little onesie that Georgie wore on his memorable 3rd trip to the zoo that day in April.  All that matters is that the stuff is being put to good use.
  • Donate it!  There are plenty of women’s shelters, etc. who would be more than happy to accept baby items. 
  • Craigslist-It by the “Lot”.  Sort the clothes by months, post an ad on Craigslist, keeping your price nice and low…and watch the e-mails and phone calls pour in. 

 Growing, growing, and more growing!  That’s what kids do.  But I just want their outgrown stuff to be gone, gone, gone! 

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One thought on “Growing, Growing, GONE!”

  1. I have 6 boxes of out grown baby clothes and it is so hard to think of parting with some things.
    Ebay doesn’t seem to sell too well on individual items but bulk stuff does well.
    Great ideas.

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