Foodie Friday: Ode to the baby mum-mum

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Ah, ode to the baby mum-mum–

You are a favorite of my babies,

You keep them quiet when we’re driving,

You stop crying when they’re fussy,

You are the best of the finger foods.

A friend of mine with twin and an older child introduced me to the joy of the baby mum-mum. It’s a rice cracker thingy that dissolves almost immediately in the baby’s mouth. They can hold on to it and munch it, breaking off small pieces in their mouth. They dissolve almost instantaneously, so I never worried about choking. Teeth aren’t necessary for these yummy snacks. (Abigail at 12 months still has no teeth, and eats these just fine). My babies LOVE these. Seriously, they are like crack for babies. I keep a stash in the car for when we’re driving home from an outing and the babies are fussy. I offer one when I breastfeed one baby and the other has to wait (very hard to wait when you’re only 12 months old). 

The only bad part about these wonderful snacks is that many grocery stores don’t carry them. Why not? I have simply no idea. Around us, it’s just the Market Basket, which has both incredible prices and incredible crowds. I simply can’t face trying to get the double stroller through those crowds. But, happily enough, I discovered that Amazon will ship them to me by the case. A case is a lot of mum-mums, you think? Not so, say my kids! They are happy to go through that entire case….probably this weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Ode to the baby mum-mum”

  1. OMG, we LOVE the baby mum-mums! beside mama and dada, mum-mum was oskar’s first word!!!

    these things truly are a god-send. they take care of any problem, just like that! well, except when you’ve dolled out your last one and you have no more back-ups and both your kids are doing frantic signs for more, more, more.

    glad you found some on amazon. i’ll have to check out the price and see it it’s cheaper to order a case. because having a case at a time in the house is a very good idea!

  2. It’s amazing because they actually have these in Alaska at our Fred Meyer grocery store! Usually people talk about products that we just don’t have here (i.e. anything from Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Target, etc.).

    We tried the mum-mums, but it was too early. So I tried them again awhile back and they were a hit! The only thing is—they’re messy! But what food isn’t with a (almost) 15-month old!

    I bet they would be cheaper at Amazon, plus I wouldn’t have to go to Fred Meyer’s–since it’s not my usual grocery store. I hope they have super-saver shipping!

    By the way, your babe A is adorable! I’m in love with that hair!


  3. Hi Rebecca,
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  4. Hmm, never heard of the mum-mums, but if they help with car travel, I might have to order a case too!

    Rebecca’s is such a beautiful little girl.

  5. Krissy,

    It’s confusing to have a “Daniel & Abigail” pair and a “Daniel & Rebecca” pair, especially when I am Rebecca too! (Although EI came in last week and kept telling me that “Rebecca” was scoring at 14 months for cognitive and 11 months for language and stuff. She must have done it 3-4 times! Too funny.)

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