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No, this is not in reference to the stupid stuff people say to us when they see our twins. It’s in reference to the infections that have taken residence in both my son’s ears. Aww, baby’s first double ear infection… what a joy.

But I learned a few things today, on the occasion of my son’s first trip to the on-call doctor on a holiday. (Yes, Patriot’s Day, aka Marathon Monday, is a holiday in Massachusetts. This may also be related to the fact that I almost completely forgot to post anything today – feels like a Sunday!)

  1. I may have some relatively good spidey-mama-sense. Daniel was particularly fussy since yesterday, and though he often cries a bit before going to sleep, it took several hours to get him down last night. Could be his second fang coming in, but my gut was whispering “ear infection.” Indeed, I was right. It’s also possible it was just a lucky guess. Either way.
  2. I got really lucky with my pediatrician. I must confess that I did pretty much none of the things we talked about in our Ask the Moms column on selecting a doctor. I just plain got lucky with a pediatrician who has great bedside manner, listens to me, and manages to be neither excessively laid-back, nor alarmist. Most importantly, she never makes me feel foolish for calling with a question about one or both of my kids. Unlike Dr. McCrabby-pants today. What with the state holiday and all, my doctor’s office was closed. So I got the on-call guy who was, shall we say, less than thrilled to talk to a new mom whose infant had a fever. He became marginally less rude when he realized that both of my son’s ears were infected, but not much. Every question he asked felt like an accusation, full of annoyance that this paranoid first-time-mom dragged him into the office. Being treated like an idiot by the on-call guy only made me more fully appreciate my own doctor.
  3. Apparently, one should call ahead when trying to fill a prescription for oral suspension amoxicillin. Who knew that it was so hard to have such a frequently-prescribed medicine in stock, but it took us three tries to find a pharmacy that could fill the order for us. The pharmacist also must have thought that I could just use one of my teaspoons at home, since she gave us nothing, no syringe or anything, to use to properly measure and dispense the jug o’ bubblegum-flavored medicine.

But now we have the antibiotics, we have the infant Motrin, we have the saline nasal spray for his congested nose.  The ear infection is not contagious, but the minor cold that likely caused it probably is, so we’ll see if I make another trip to the doctor with Rebecca later this week.  Maybe it’ll at least be during office hours and I can see a doctor who doesn’t make me feel like an idiot.

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6 thoughts on “Double trouble”

  1. I hate it when doctors make you feel stupid for asking questions or advocating for your kids! Actually, I get boiling mad when a doctor treats me poorly, so I am glad that our pediatricians are rock stars!

    Hope the infection clears up quickly…we are making our trip into the peds in the morning for Jonathan-he has had a low grade fever for three day and isn’t eating well. Feel better quickly Daniel!

  2. We had the same problem filling our amox. script last time. You would think they have that stuff by the gallon during cold/flu season, no? Anyway, I hope he feels better and I hope Rebecca escapes it. Nothing like staggering the pain.

  3. One of my twins had a double ear infection recently I hope you son is on the mend soon.Poor little guy.
    Very Odd they don’t have it in stock – since it is a dry powder in a bottle and they add sterile water to it.

  4. Every time I take my kids to the after hours or weekend office hours, the doctors are always super rude and grumpy. It’s as if they think I purposely waited for the weekend and willed a sickness then because it would have been too inconvenient and cheap to just go during regular office hours. Nothing irks me more… Especially when the attitude effects my kid’s care. So sorry for the bad experience! Our oldest son had 8 ear infections in his first 6 months and ended up with tubes in both ears at 7 months. No fun at all.

  5. I totally hear you about the Amoxicillin. We had to go to 2 CVS stores before we were able to get our script filled. Oh, and I definitely recommend serving it chilled… it does taste better (according to my almost 3 year old). Good luck and sorry to hear about the bad experience!

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