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One of the hardest parts of having twins, a job outside the home, and a husband who travels for work is finding time for the things that define me as LauraC. I purposefully did not choose the words “time for myself” because I’ve learned to make time for me. What I’ve found difficult in the transition from being a DINK to a working twin mom is finding time for hobbies, passions, outside interests, and things unrelated to friends, family, kids, or my husband. I’ve been missing that extra something something that makes me LauraC.

The first year with twins, I didn’t do these things because I was so busy and exhausted. Right when things got on course, Nate would get another ear infection or Alex had a physical therapy appointment for his torticollis or Jon had to go to Australia for work or or or… life was busy. It was busy in a great way but my entire life revolved around babies, and I had a tough time explaining to my singleton parent friends why having twins was still so busy when they were a year old.

When the boys were newborns, I kept waiting for that magic moment when things would get easy and less busy. My boys turn 2 next month and that day is still not here. Sometime in the last year, I had an epiphany that life with twins (or two kids) was never going to be less busy. I realized if I was going to get some of LauraC back, it had to be in little steps. So I took the first step and started reading for leisure again. Then I took the next step and started running again. Baby step by baby step, I am slowly working my hobbies and passions back into my life.

This past weekend, I ran a 5K race with Nate and Alex in a jogging stroller. I got there by slowly getting back into running over the last two years. It was my slowest race ever but I had a smile on my face most of the time. (I did not smile on hills or when Alex threw a sippy cup or when Nate kicked Alex.) I love running; it is part of who I am. It took much longer than expected for me to get these pieces of LauraC back, but this race proved to me that LAURAC IS BACK PEOPLES, WATCH OUT!

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7 thoughts on “A little piece of me back”

  1. Congratulations on running your race! I’m not surprised it was slower time—how much weight were you pushing in front of you?

    Important topic, I think. It’s so easy for “mommy” to get lost in the shuffle. For me, my teaching and schoolwork is part of who mommy is. Ah, the joy of using my brain! I also get two yoga classes in a week, and often use post-bedtime hours for pleasure reading or a bit of guilty tv watching.

  2. You are amazing, Laura! Good for you…not merely for getting a piece of “you” back, but for demonstrating a commitment to something you enjoy…and that’s healthy!
    Role-modeling is a very powerful thing…and from a very early age. (Hence my twins’ passion for Krispy Kreme; I need to take a page from your book!)
    Kudos to you, Twin Mama!

  3. Go LauraC! A 5K sounds like a full marathon to me, but I have been walking again and it helps sp much. It is hard to get those pieces back but when you do, Hold on to them.

  4. Way to go, Laura! The 3-of-you picture is great.

    I don’t think we’ll ever be less busy, just a different kind of busy. Like you, I waited for the magic time when things settled down and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s never gonna happen. All the more of a reason to take time out for yourself, as far as I’m concerned!

  5. Once my daughters were 6 months old, I stopped feeling like my self had been erased. I just incorporated the girls into my interests. When I wanted to spend time with my friends, I brought them along. If I felt like cooking, I set them up in the kitchen where they could watch. Once they were older, they had their own toy kitchen so they could play alongside me. While they played, I cross-stitched. I showed them the joys of picture-books while I read. If I wanted to go to a store, I turned it into a game of shape-hunt (“Find all the circles you can …”).

    When my husband came home from Iraq, however, I started to feel like my self had disappeared again, not because he had so many demands of me, but because he had not yet learned to incorporate the girls into our lives. Even harder, he hadn’t learned how to mold his life into theirs. We’re working on it, all four of us.

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