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With so many styles and varieties of bibs on the market, it’s hard to know what makes a good bib over the long haul with multiples. Most moms find they need two sets of bibs – bibs for drooling and bibs for feeding.


When my boys’ salivary glands started kicking in, it was incredible to me how much drool came out of their mouths. Alex could soak a onesie in less than five minutes. Fortunately, drooling is a great opportunity for accessorizing with bibs! Krissy found the generic plastic-lined cloth bibs from Target perfect for absorbing drool. I bought a variety of Koala baby bibs from Babies R Us.


The clear winner for feeding is the Bumkins SuperBib. Not only is it water-proof, it is free of PVC and phthalates, and it comes in a wide variety of styles to suit every parent. Both Emily and I learned the hard way that throwing them in the dryer will cause them to age quickly, but since they quickly air-dry, you rarely need to put them in the dryer. At almost two years old, Bumkins are going strong in our house. We have three bibs for each child.

The one thing you can not effectively use Bumkins for is the dreaded vomit phase.  As babies get texturized to foods, some children tend to vomit. This can be worse for children with reflux. In a house with two vomiters, we found the waterproofness of Bumkins bibs caused much bigger messes as the vomit poured off the sides. We found the plastic-backed cloth bibs to be much more effective at containing vomit during this phase.

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2 thoughts on “Product review: bibs”

  1. I totally agree on the cloth bibs for the early stages. J constantly had one as part of his outfit. Oh, the drooling!

    We use the long sleeve bumkins for really messy meals when we don’t feel like supervising closely, like tomato soup, or pasta with tomato sauce. They’re like a giant smock. But we found the bumkin (and similar ones) did not rinse clean very well, especially after we added milk to their diets. To me, they always smelled like sour milk (but we hand washed, didn’t put through the machine).

    Our favorite is the kiddopotamus bib
    They are really easy to clean by hand, and dry quickly. The pocket mostly protects their pants, and they are also PVC, phthalates and latex free. They each only have one but they wash so easily it is not a problem.

    That’s my (unsolicited) two cents.

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