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When you’re pregnant with twins, you hear all kinds of great stories. The “special connection” your kids will have, how they’ll always be playmates, yadda yadda yadda. We all know the reality is not always so delightful. My newborns didn’t seem to have any acknowledgment of the other, didn’t sleep better next to each other, really seemed to have no recognition that the other was there. There was the occasional grabbed hand, which was certainly adorable, but didn’t seem like real interaction. Just a coincidence, because it was there. I think my kids were a good six months old before they actually seemed to see each other. A few moments here or there when they actually seemed to have a passing interest in the other person. And that was a good start, a spark of something to come. And sure, I know they’ll have their times when they’re constantly fighting and I wish they’d just forget about each other for a few minutes! But for the moment, I love it when they really see each other.

And the other day, while they were eating lunch, I managed to get the video camera out in time for one of my favorite things in the whole world: when Rebecca unwittingly cracks Daniel up. Sometimes, he just thinks his sister is the funniest damn thing he has ever seen.


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5 thoughts on “The things you wait for”

  1. Omigosh that is DARLING! :)
    We still get some squeal-y fun laughs at six…I want it to last forever!

    Thanks for the morning brightener!

  2. TWO cute! ha ha! Alex’s first laugh was at something Nate did and Nate still makes Alex laugh more than anything else. It’s nice to see the twin bond in different ways.

  3. So cute!!!! I love that Winnie got included too.

    Mine love peek a boo together—from behind the couch or on both sides of a door. Too funny.

  4. That’s adorable! At least twice a day, I hear one of my two-year-olds say “Sissy funny!” Mine went the whole nine yards when it came to twin bonding, though. They were attached to one another from the very first.

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