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This week I got to do one of my favorite things…have dinner with just my girlfriends. No sippy cups, runny noses or husbands allowed! We had a fantastic time, and covered all the important topics: new jobs, husbands, the kids, birth control, health issues, money, stress and the contents of our diaper bags!

It is kinda funny to see the most seasoned mom of our group (none of us were mom’s when we first became friends) talk about her current diaper bag for child #3. Are you ready for this? She packs two diapers, and a baggie of wipes. And child #3 carries them in his little backpack! Is that genius or what!?

So in that spirit, I am going to share the contents of my diaper bag, however boring that may be! When we first brought the kids home, I would pack a diaper bag for a walk around the block. Seriously.

Now, at 12 months, I have been known to shove a diaper, some wipes and one sippy cup to share in my purse for a super quick outing. But on a daily basis, this is what I keep in my tote:

2 diapers (I rarely have to change the kids in public, they always poop at home!)


2 bibs

2 forks/spoons

a roll of disposable bags for smelly diapers

sunscreen in a ziploc

2 or more trinket toys

my wallet, cell phone, and keys (keys are a good sub for toys)

1 burp cloth

goldfish crackers

Edited to add: A small bottle of Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Spray  (I use it to spray down restraunt tables & highchairs…can’t believe I forgot it the first time!)

These items join the favorites in my bag based on the time of day and duration of our outing:

2 big rubber catch-all bibs

2 sippy cups with milk/water

more food

sun hats



a snack for me!

And yes, it sounds like a lot, but I can fit all of it in this great little striped  tote that I picked up at Bath and Body Works. I stopped packing back up outfits a long time ago, which is going to bit me in the butt at some point, but hey, I like to live dangerously!

Okay, now spill! What’s in your bag???


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13 thoughts on “What's In My Bag”

  1. I still use my Kappocchi nappy backpack … much more in mine than in your bag but also missing some of the stuff – great ideas.
    I got some cute car backpacks for my boys for their birthdays – to pack nappies and spare clothes and perhaps tie them to me.

  2. Ooh, good post! Definitely I’ll do just a toy and a burp cloth if we’re just popping out to the grocery store and back. I also bring very little for our walks. But if we’re having a real “outing,” I often use this backpack from LL Bean, and it contains…
    – changing pad
    – 2 diapers (different sizes, of course… a 2 and a 3)
    – travel pack of wipes
    – bottles of formula or sippy cups of water, depending on time
    – 2-3 bibs
    – 3-4 burp cloths (my kids still drool/spitup a lot)
    – 2-3 toys
    – a pacifier or 2
    – wallet, phone, keys
    baby Mum Mums

    Obviously also food and spoons if we’ll be out for a mealtime.

    But what I think is really funny is the crap I have in my purse even when I’m not with the kids. I look and find a paci, a toy, a burp cloth, and an old, too-small diaper.. :-)

  3. I’ve become quite the minimalist:
    -two diapers
    -plastic bag or two for diapers
    -2 pacifiers
    -baby mum mums
    -sippy cup with water
    -small tupperwear of cheerios

    Who says you can’t travel light with twins?

  4. I think I can win the prize for least amount of stuff!!! But my boys are two…

    * 2 diapers
    * travel wipes
    * travel goldfish pack for emergency
    * a few lollipops for serious emergencies

    That is it!!! They don’t use bibs anymore and they can drink from big boy cups.

    I keep a backpack in the trunk of the car with changes of clothes, extra diapers, extra wipes, baggies all that in case of serious emergency.

  5. I’m hysterical right now thinking of what I used to pack to take my singleton child anywhere. We always looked like we were going away for the weekend. When the twins were born and I started packing up for three, I took a bag HALF that size with us – haha! I can’t wait to see how small of a bag I can use for four kiddos….

    Anyway, our current Bag is always stocked with 2 diapers, 1 pair big girl underwear, 1 package wipes, disposable bags for stinky diapers, 2 sippy cups (depending on time of day), cheerios, a granola bar for me, and one back up baby outfit.

    In the car we always have more diapers, wipes, snacks, a full change of clothes for each kid, and a shirt for me. But unlike when I was traveling with my daughter, that stuff STAYS in the car now – haha!

  6. LOL! My diaper bag is a black hole. Who knows what I have in there?! I’m pretty sure I have some spare diapers and wipes, a couple of backup outfits, random snacks, etc. I also have these great disposable waterproof bibs that Pampers makes. Love ’em!

    One thing I learned from a friend of mine is to keep a small bag of cheap toys, crayons, etc., in the car to bring into restaurants to keep my older daughter entertained. It’s a lifesaver when the food takes too long to get to the table.

    And if she loses anything in it, no biggie. The rule is nothing we really care about goes in the bag. And I often shop the $1 section at Target to put little surprises into the bag.

  7. um, can i say i have actually left the house without anything….not a good idea, i tell you.

    but i have come to the point that i bring diapers and wipes in my purse for short outings, a bag of cheerios (we can always scoop some off the seats of the car if we have to) and sippy cups for longer outings and the works if we are going to the beach. i also now stash sunscreen and a few snacks in the stroller and the car, and bags for icky poop diapers float around will nilly in the back of the car.

    now ask me what i have packed in my knitting bag (and how many times it has been out in the last 13 months). that thing used to go everywhere with me.

  8. I have a singleton, but I like to pretend I could handle twins. She’ll be 18 months in a few months … at which time I’ll also have a newborn.

    –2 diapes
    –travel wipes
    –a couple disposable bibs
    –a couple small toys
    –travel sunscreen
    –a feverall suppository <– GET THIS. IT IS WONDERFUL. It’s not only a lifesaver to have on hand at home when your baby spikes a fever & throws up her Tylenol, but you can put a tiny packaged suppository in each of your diapers bags, purses, etc. and always have one when you need one. I tell all new mommy friends about this.

    I too shun a spare outfit, but I’m sure that will bite me eventually. Actually, last time it did, we were at Target so we just bought something.

  9. My mom made me a beautiful diaper bag when I was pregnant ( I didn’t know I was pregnant w/ twins though!) so now I have to make things fit!

    -2 small cloth diapers (fuzzi bunz are the greatest)
    -1 large cloth diaper (for my 18 month old)
    -wet bag for dirty dipes
    -changing pad
    -spare onesies (in Texas that’s about all you need to wear most of the year!)
    -2 small sun hats, 1 larger sun hat
    -2 binkies
    -sm. tube of Arnica for boo-boos
    -sippy cup for toddler (& a snack if we’re gone for too long, otherwise I fill her up before we leave)
    -board book for toddler in case she gets bored : )
    -lip balm, keys, phone, wallet for me

    sheesh! then if we are going swimming, i have to bring along the pack mule- aka my husband.

  10. Someone mentioned a too small diaper in their handbag… ME TOO!! I often find too small diapers in forgotten compartments, or too small back up clothes somewhere in the car! LOL

  11. sanitizer
    More sanitizer
    Even more sanitizer … : )

    iPod for distractions
    Lollipops for distractions
    Water bottles for distractions
    Snack for distractions
    Toys for distractions (sense a trend here?)

    sanitizing lotion (for me)
    keys, phone, camera, diapers, wipes (whole box) and those disposable place mat things you can get at Target for eating out.

    I have only recently started even using a bag; never went anywhere long enough to need one until this year. We use the Lands End backpack thing and it really does hold everything but the kitchen sink.

    If I could lug that around I probably would. lol

  12. As a “seasoned” mommy, I rarely take a diaper bag any more. My twins are 19 months old…
    I have my purse and in it are probably a GAZILLION receipts…
    my cell phone, keys, wallet, 2 diapers, 2 sippy cups…. that is it.
    If they puke or poop or something fun like that, they either “go native” (I am just classy like that) or I buy them new outfits.
    If they poop and I need wipes, I improvise and use wet paper towels or napkins or toilet paper.
    Anything else, we figure out depending on where we are & what I need.

  13. I am what is known as a pack mule. I take everything but the kitchen sink with me. We are out A LOT normally, always at parks, out to eat or sightseeing and taking day trips so I pack my ‘ginormous’ diaper bag for every occasion that way everything is always there, I just need to re-stock beverages, snacks & diapers the next morning before we head out again. Even if I’m just ‘running to the store’, it never ends up being the case and I’ll be out for hours so I always have everything with me just in case. Sometimes I will just leave the diaper bag in the car to go into the mall and pack the ‘needed’ items into my handbag.

    Most importantly a digital camera & spare batteries
    change mat
    shot records (never know when you might need them & I always forgot them when I did need them)
    spare sippy cups (we eat out a lot so always need extra stuff)
    mini magnadoodles (great for restaurants or waiting for appointments)
    video camera (never want to miss a moment)
    my wallet
    cell phone
    coupon book (just in case I need to do a little shopping)
    hand sanitizer
    maps for the zoo & wild animal park (we are members and I used to always forget my maps & would get new ones, such a non-green thing to do)
    bubble blower
    water bottles
    bags for smelly diapers
    tylenol for me
    a small medical kit (somebody always seems to get injured)
    a laundry bag (for muddy or puke covered clothing)
    re-useable shopping bag so I don’t have to use plastic bags at stores.
    placemats for the babies to use at restaurants
    quite often a 2nd digital camera with a massive zoom lens
    sunglasses for the babies
    if we know we are going to be out into the evening we also pack a jacket for each baby.

    Oh and yes I can get all of this into one diaper bag he he and it fits perfectly over the back of the double stroller … which always has a picnic blanket and sand toys in it. We are well known for deciding at the last second to stop at the beach or park for a quick play so we are always prepared.

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