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We hade a brief period of hot weather last week and I was stumped trying to think of an activity that would be fun to do outside but wouldn’t mean sitting in sand box under the hot sun. Then I found this fun activity online!

Core activity: Ice Treasures

  • Age appropriateness: 18 months & up
  • Materials needed: A container of some form, water, and smallish treasurers that can handle being wet and frozen (plastic animals, coins, dominos, etc., whatever is a safe size for your children’s ages)
  • Preparation timing: Best done the night before

Activity: We’re digging for treasure! Freeze a number of small toys or other treasures you have around the house in a block of ice. Then give your kids a spray bottle, eye dropper, old toothbrushes, whatever you have handy to dig them out. I recommend freezing the treasures in several sessions so that they aren’t all in one layer.

I filled my plastic bowl with a couple of inches of water, dropped in a plastic Cookie Monster, a domino and a peg thingy. Then I let it freeze for a couple of hours at which point I added more water and a little doll and some other toys. I let the whole thing freeze solid overnight and then gave it to Katie to play with this morning. She had a great time spraying water on it to free the doll and the domino.

Katie hunting for treasure

I will say that she gave up before getting everything out. I recommend for younger kids not doing too big of an ice block as they don’t have the, uh, greatest of attention spans… You could do individual toys in ice cubes.

Later that morning...


  • Ice Ice Baby – just sing the chorus as the song lyrics are not so ideal to sing to young kids



  • Yellow Ice (I kid you not, that’s the name of the book!) by Angie Sage
  • Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop by H. A. Rey


  • Uh, ice cream anyone?
  • Make simple orange creamsicles – in a ice cube try, fill ½ of them with vanilla yogurt and the other half with orange juice. Freeze. Then blend or let them get slushy and enjoy!

As always, please comment if you have other ice-related things to share or if you have ideas for future themes!

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2 thoughts on “What to Do: Ice”

  1. Great idea…and it looks like lots of fun! Me & My kidos are going to try it tomorrow when we’re sitting home without anything to do! :) Esp since it’s soo hot outside this week!

    Have a great week!

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