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Recently I was my dear friend’s Matron of Honor. Her wedding – while an event I was over-the-moon excited about – presented a new challenge for us. We had to leave our 10-month old twins (and their big sister) in the care of someone else for an entire weekend. 

Thankfully I had reserved my parents for this weekend coverage months in advance. At the time that they were asked I explained it shouldn’t be “too much work” because the boys should be sleeping through the night at that point. HA! As the time approached for the big day, I started to panic because on any given night at least one of them is up and needing attention.  My parents assured me that it was all right and they could deal with the middle of the night wake-up calls. After all, for them, it was just temporary.

For me, the build up to this weekend had me nauseous. I was so nervous that the children were going to freak out that both of their parents were gone at the same time. To further complicate things, all three ended up being sick and I was wracked with guilt for leaving them. How could they survive? (and by “they” I mean the kids AND my parents!)

But you know what? Everyone did.

Besides the awesome time of watching my friend get married, the true bonus of the weekend for me was getting a chance to reconnect with my husband. When we are at home, our lives and conversations revolve around our children. Especially since the twins have been born, we are both always “on duty” and sometimes at the end of the day, it’s hard to turn that off. But once the children were removed from the situation for a period of time, we were able to talk about things that had nothing to do with being parents. I love my kids, but sometimes, it’s nice to remember that couple we were before they came along too.

We were both able to return home refreshed (what a difference sleeping for two nights in a row can make!) and back on the same “team”, as it were.

The weekend was just another learning experience. Add it to my previous lessons learned to take time for myself and to get out of the house WITH the kids. Now that I know everyone can survive it, I will be making a more concerted effort to re-connect with my husband outside of our roles as “parents” when possible.

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5 thoughts on “Getting out without the kids”

  1. Good for you! So glad you enjoyed it. And relatively early from my perspective. My husband has done a couple of overnights away, but I have yet to do so and we are approaching 2 years. I’m just proud of myself for my outings post-bedtime (of course, they’re in daycare all day long so I do have plenty of time away from them.

  2. That is soo awesome! We have yet to leave our twins(17 months) with anyone for longer than a few hours. My parents don’t see them much and my hubby’s parents don’t live anywhere near us.

    WOW…i’m jealous…i need a day with my hubby alone! Oh, maybe one day!

    Soo glad everything went smoothly!

  3. A night away is the best gift! We have left the kids (now 13 months) overnight with my mom twice. The first was while they were still BFing, which was tricky—the second was last weekend. They did great, Mom did great and we have another one planned for July. A chance to get away, from the chores, the nap schedule and whiney babies is such a break—-and I always appreciate my kids so much more when I get home. Good for you!

  4. I haven’t left my twins yet. They are 20 months old! I really really NEEEEEEED the time, but have such a hard time trusting people to watch my babies! :(

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