The anti-schedule for multiples

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For my first post last week, I talked about how simple planning can help a day go smoother. I talked about how you need to sit down the night before and just plot out a few activities (or more) to do the next day with your young children or babies.

This, I said, is more for your sanity than for their enrichment.

But, I also added a disclosure that said some days nothing will work.

That was exactly what happened to me the day I posted that first post. Funny enough.

They woke just slightly before 6 a.m. — roughly an hour or more early than usual. I hadn’t even gotten up yet and they were already crying.

And crying is what they did all day. Perhaps it was a virus. Perhaps they were tired. Perhaps they were just off.

But, it was awful.

Friday was only slightly better.

So I did what I have always done when times with twins has gotten deeply, terribly hard:

We changed things up. We did what we never do. We went — gasp! — off schedule.

That’s right, the trick to keeping my sanity during times of insanity has been to throw all caution to the wind, stop being a slave to the schedule and the full bellies and just leave the house.

I’ve been a slave to the schedule since Day One. No, not sticking to a schedule — just always trying to find one that offers a perfect day.

It’s only been until recently when I realized that now that they’re 2 and on a good schedule, I can finally branch out and experiment with late bedtimes, off meals and new experiences. They will survive. They always do. In fact, they are incredibly resilient.

I am, too, surprisingly.

Whether your twins, triplets or more are babies, young toddlers or young children, I believe strongly that doing what you never do is a simple way to get everyone back on the same page.

When my girls were babies, we would put them in the car and drive to either my grandmothers or to nearby attractions.

What did we do for our weekend of anti-schedule? Nothing too crazy. In fact, you’ve probably done it all by now. We went to a carnival (for dinner), a hot air balloon festival (and got rained on) and a family barbecue (for father’s day).

By Monday, I felt we had disrupted Normal enough to get back to Normal. Sometimes, even when money is tight, you have to let go of the daily grind and just splurge to remember what all the hard work is about.

For me it was seeing their little faces slide down on their father’s lap at the carnival, worrying about Jadyn’s fear about jumping in the bouncy house and seeing them pick a lollipop from the lollipop tree. The next night it was seeing them clamor for a chocolate milk shake.

Bedtime didn’t happen until late and, no, they didn’t hardly eat a thing. But they slept all night and they woke up later than usual.

Mission accomplished. And on Monday we were right back on schedule and so happy to be there.

You can read more about trials and tribulations with twins and other stuff on my blog.

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4 thoughts on “The anti-schedule for multiples”

  1. Hooray for you for being brave enough to just let go and let it roll! We seem to go through periods when we really NEED a schedule, and other times when we really need to let go and roll with the flow.

    The hard part is knowing the difference… :)

  2. Ah, the “systems failure” kind of day. I’ve had several of those this week. Good idea for something to try. It certainly beats Mommy falling apart too.

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