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Very late on the post for today!  Sorry MOMS, but my weekend was C-R-A-Z-Y!  If you were wondering why?  Well, my sister, who is prego with her second child, hasn’t been feeling very well lately.  SO, being the nice sister i am, i volunteered to have HER daughter over for the weekend.  She is 3 months younger than my older daughter, so it was REALLY like having 2 sets of twins.  With that being said, GOD BLESS you ladies who indeed DO have two sets of twins.  The older ones were fun…but it was chaotic.  A semi-organized chaos…but Chaos non the less.  Entertaining four children is A LOT of WORK!  BUT, crazy fun!  We ended our evening with a slumber party for the big girls…and me on the floor in the room going back and forth to the bathroom, since both of the big girls are potty trained! 

Ok, now on to my post! 

I had decided earlier this week to do a post on sippy cups and bottles.  But after polling all our HDYDI MOM writers, I felt i received SOO much info back, that i’m going to do one post on bottle this weekend and another post on sippy cups another weekend.  WHEW, talking about lots of input!  :)

BTW, thanks for all your input, ladies! 

First, let me say that every pedi i’ve met, will say that breast feeding is the best way to feed your child, for the first year of life.  And i totally agree with that!  BUT, along the same line, if you are reading this, then you more than likely have twins or multiples and breast feeding becomes even more difficult and most women I know personally, either ended up pumping and feeding or just using good ole’ formula(which, by the way is JUST as good as breast milk, it just doesn’t include the immunities your baby gets from you when breast feeding).  I, myself, pumped and fed for a while.  But due to exhaustion, frustration and my girls not really liking my milk, i ended up feeding them formula from about 6 weeks on.  I’m embarrassed and sad to say, i had a FREEZER FULL of breast milk, i ended up pouring down the drain, because my girls REALLY didn’t like it, wouldn’t drink it and cried when i tried to feed it to them!  Weird, i know.  BUT, when you are already all stressed out and exhausted, you do what you have to do to keep your head above water.   

Second, let me say, with all the BPA info going around, i don’t want to point anyone in the wrong direction.  AND most importantly, every child is different so you really have to use your own intuition on the bottle dilemma.  I, myself, have gone through too many bottles in the past 4 years and honestly never really found a bottle i REALLY liked enough to really emphasize that much.  I started out with the gerber bottles and similiac nipples with my first daughter.  Those actually worked great.  That is, until i found i couldn’t just go purchase the similiac(disposable) nipples at the store.  I searched and searched and the only way i found them, was by buying them on ebay for a large amount of money.  

With my twins, things were very different.  I decided to try a different kind of bottle because i didn’t want to go searching for those darn nipples AGAIN!  SO, we bought avent bottles and nipples.  They worked, but ALWAYS seemed to leak.  The babies would be drenched from the neck to the belly button in liquids and i just couldn’t seem to ever figure out how to screw those darn lids on right.  I finally asked my sister what i had been doing wrong.  She actually said there is a gasket on the lids(don’t ask me where or how it works), but that if you screw them on too tight(too many times), you can strip the gasket and they will leak forever.  Uh, that’s probably why mine leaked till the end.  I just learned to use a burb towel underneath their chin, every time i fed a baby.  That makes for TONS of laundry and a very unhappy mom! 

As i polled our MOM writers, here is the feedback i received from others, who used bottles. 

Most moms LOVED Dr. Browns(lots of pieces though)

Playtex ventaire wide were good

avent was good(i, myself, didn’t like the leaks and trying to screw them on just right, as i stated above),

medela were good(BPA free, i think)

Gerber/Gerber clear view were good

evenflo/glass evenflo(which i’m pretty sure are BPA free)

Also note: medela rings & caps leaked badly for one mom, so instead she used gerber caps.

Well, i think that sums all that up, quite quickly and appropriately.  As one MOM stated, each baby has his/her own preference.  SO, we could all go on and on about what is good and what is not good all day long. BUT, My best suggestion is(if you have the money and patience), buy a few kinds and try them out.  SEE for yourself, which one works the best, which on your child likes, which ones don’t leak and most importantly which ones are BPA free.  I went on my weekly target excursion the other day and it seemed like the new thing is the born free bottles.  I don’t have any first hand experience with them, so i can’t say either way. If you do have your own suggestions..please feel free to leave comments!  It may help a fellow MOM and/or pregnant MOM, awaiting the big day! 

With all this being said, i’d like to share a pic of ONE of the best days of a twin mommies life: This was the VERY FIRST day Sarah & Samantha held their bottles and my hands were FREE at last!  Ahh..the joys of having two babies at the same time! 


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9 thoughts on “Product Review: Our Favorite choice of bottles!”

  1. I am a mom of 12 week old twin boys who both have signficant acid reflux issues. Dr. Brown’s bottles are the ONLY ones that have worked well for them. There are a lot of parts, but once you get used to it it is really no big deal. They are dishwasher safe, so I just throw all of the parts into a basket and wash them in the dishwasher. To make feeding times easier I have all of the bottles put together and ready to go ahead of time so I am not trying to put 4 pieces together with baby in my arms!

  2. I just had twin girls 10 weeks ago and you are right Born Free bottles are the new thing and I love them! THey are BPA free and not quite as many akward parts as Dr. Brown’s.This is nice bc they are dishwasher safe so not a lot of parts to worry about getting ruined or lost in the dishwasher. I have always love Dr. Brown’s and when I worked as a nurse in pediatrics before babies I always recommended them however when I was in a position to buy them for myself I opted for the BPA free one. I have no issues with Born Free, no leaking etc…it is a great bottle!If Dr. Brown’s made bottles that were BPA free which I am sure will be on the market soon if not already than it would be a tie bw the two for me and a matter of personal preference.

  3. My girls are 13 months old now, and we tried several kinds. The girls seemed to prefer Dr. Brown’s, although I HATE washing the parts. And due to the BPA issue, we could not microwave them or put them in the dishwasher. Recently I bought some new ones, both Born Free and Dr. Brown’s. And I just wanted to comment after the last one I read. Dr. Brown’s does have a new line of bottles out with no BPA, they’re made with polypropylene. Also, of course, they make glass ones.

  4. We use Avent and I was so bummed when I realized Avent doesn’t have BPA free bottles yet. The good news is that Avent nipples fit in the Avent magic training sippy cups. Voila~we now use sippys with bottle nipples for their bedtime bottles and those same sippys with the sippy nipple for water during the day:)

  5. PLEASE PLEASE don’t pour breast milk down the drain!!! I’ve been pumping (and freezing) every 3 hours for 4 months now. Only one of my twins can have breastmilk- the other is on super expensive formula. BUT there is a sliver of hope that I can reintroduce bm at 9months hence my continued pumping. I filled one deep freezer and then sent 400 ounces to a milk bank ( for NICU babies. If you’ve had a baby in the NICU it makes the donation even more rewarding because you are helping babies like your own. I have recently purchased another deep freezer (bigger than my fridge!) but will soon be sending off more breastmilk to the bank because this freezer is almost full too!

  6. You CAN donate frozen breast milk!!! The process was so easy for me! I called the milkbank and went through a short phone interview to see if I qualified to donate (do you do drugs? take prescription meds? drink alcohol? smoke? have any diseases? were you sick when you pumped the milk? etc). Then I went to a Lab Corp 5 minutes from my house (they will tell you which one is closest to you) and had blood work done in less than 5 minutes. They approved me in a matter of days and then I had a cooler delivered to my doorstep. I called fedex and arranged a pickup time and packed the cooler full of my FROZEN breastmilk. The milk was overnighted to the milkbank in NC (note I live in northern virginia). They received it, thawed it, pasturiezed it, refroze it and shipped it around to NICU babies in need. They called me to tell me how many ounces they got in total and to thank me and tell me how I was making a difference…There was NO COST to me. They paid for the blood work, the cooler and the shipping. They even sent me more medela pump and store bags. They take frozen milk up to 10 months old…I sent them 2 month old milk I think.

  7. Here you go, the Avent trick (I don’t know why they don’t print this right on the bottles :):

    Put the cap on and turn it the WRONG direction until it clicks. Then twist it the proper way. Abracadabra, no leaks!

  8. We had the Avent bottles and found turning the cap the wrong way first and then the right way worked. I also read somewhere that both parts must be completely dry when assembled or it will leak.

    Now that the girls are over 3 months old, they prefer the Podee bottles. I love them. The girls can both drink at the same time and my hands are free to burp babies and wipe chins.

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