Boston Globe article on separating twins in school

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There was an interesting article in the Boston Globe this morning about the decision around separating or keeping your twins together in school. I’d already been thinking about this issue, due to the interesting post about it this week—and then, there was an article about the same issue on the front page of the Globe this morning.

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5 thoughts on “Boston Globe article on separating twins in school”

  1. This has been a very hot topic in the Seattle area lately. We have a twin family that not only had their twins placed in seperate classrooms but seperate schools. The family along with the support of hundreds of multiple families haven’t been able to get the Seattle Public Schools to budge on their decision. It is all about policy not the best interest of the children. It is very sad. I hope Mass passes the twinslaw, ( Washington state needs to jump aboard and get moving on this as well.

  2. I posted a comment in our prior discussion but I did want to mention that I spoke with a few teachers I know to get their input into this debate. While the teachers I spoke with deny that they would ever compare the children (although I should say that isn’t true in my experiences with my triplet sisters), they did indicate that in B/G twins the girl tends to “baby” the boy.

    Based on my personal experience I will likely request my kids be separated anyway after first grade.

    All of this said I support a family’s decision to choose – I just happen to know I’d choose to separate them.

  3. That is an interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I think that it really depends on the kids, but after being together for so long I think it would be hard to separate them for the first few years anyway? I guess time will tell!

  4. Neat, I’m glad the article appeared. I attended the session at the national convention mentioned in the article.

    I find Mommy, Esq’s comment interesting, though. My mom (a twin herself) was in the same classroom with her twin sister and hated it. I guess it’s just more proof that each case is different and that the policy when my mom was growing up of “always keep them together” was just as bad as the “always keep them separate” that is being challenged now!

    I don’t know our plans…it’s getting closer and closer to school age for us. We are keeping our boys together for preschool this fall, though. I guess we’ll see how they do!

  5. I just found this site and am already hooked. Thank you so much for the articles and links that you provide. My girls aren’t even three yet and I’ve already had this discussion with my husband. I feel very strongly that, as a parent, I should be the one making the decision to separate my children in school. This article was fascinating and I look forward to reading more on the subject.

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