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Babywearing is taking on new life and more moms & dads than ever are discovering the joys it can bring to both the parent and the child.  There are so many benefits, but ultimately the biggest appeal to a mom or dad of multiples is the simplicity it can bring to an otherwise hectic life.  When using a baby carrier you have the ability to hold one baby and still have free arms to use for pushing a stroller, carrying another baby, doing the dishes, etc… And since we multiple mamas and daddys are always concerned about our constantly divided attention and often feel that we are barely able to find enough time for cuddles and snuggles, baby carriers seem like the perfect answer to that dilemma.  I have used a number of baby carriers since my triplets were born and I definitely have my favorites, but the most important thing I discovered is that what you like is highly dependent on personal preference.  A baby carrier should become an extension of you and the only way you can discover what works for you is to find one that best suits your body type and personality.  The best suggestion I can give you, if you are in search of one, is to try out different brands and models until you find one that fits you and your needs.  And it is highly likely that what you prefer to use with your newborns will change as they grow older.

I can only review the ones I have experience with, but there are so many brands and models out there that there is a really good chance you can find one that both you and your babies like.  The Baby Wearer has some excellent in depth information, reviews & discussion boards that discuss baby wearing in much more detail.

Slings: Hotsling, Peanut Shell and an Infantino Sling.  The Peanut Shell was by far my favorite to use when the babies first came home; and they were tiny, all under 4 pounds.  They would snuggle right into the comfort of the cradle created by the sling and fall asleep within seconds, whatever was ailing them forgotten until the next feeding.  Eventually, I traded it for a Hotsling, and though I do like it, it just does not fit quite as well as the Peanut Shell did.  Now that the babies are older, I have used the Hotsling as a hip carrier and as long as I am able to get the baby in securely it works perfectly; giving the babies the view of the world they desire along with the closeness of mama and giving me the free hands I need to do my grocery shopping.  I did not use the Infantino Sling often; simply because I found it was just not as comfortable for me to wear, often creating tension in my shoulder blades.

Wraps: I loved the Moby Wrap especially when my triplets were newborns.  It was very comfortable, distributed the weight evenly across my back and shoulders and I was able to hold 2 babies at once.  The only drawback to using the Moby Wrap is that it is a bit more difficult to learn how to use (although with a little practice you can become an expert in no time) and once the babies got older it was too restricting for their liking.

Soft Structured Carriers: Beco Butterfly and Baby Bjorn.  My husband adores the Baby Bjorn and uses it every chance he gets; strapping one of the babies on his chest and off they go to explore.  I find it a little uncomfortable and far prefer the Beco Butterfly.  The Bjorn is earier to put on since there are less buckles and straps, but once on I think that the Beco is much easier on my back.  And honestly, I think the babies prefer it as well.  The Beco can be used for both a front and a back carry and it includes a newborn insert as well.

Mei Tais: Baby Hawk and EllaRoo.  I amrelatively new to the world of Mei Tais and have only used the Baby Hawk once.  It was comfortable and easy to use, and I really like the closeness I felt to the baby over the soft structured carriers.  I lent the EllaRoo to a friend with a 19 month old son who weighs in at the 95th percentile and she loves to use it with him.  She said it is simple to tie and he does not weigh her down at all.

There are several sites where you can purchase used baby carriers…my favorite is The Baby Wearer. If you check out the boards, they often have used carriers for sale and they also have a detailed post listing all of the lingo and abbreviations so that you can follow the posts. There is also a board at Diaper Swappers dedicated to buying, selling & trading used baby carriers.

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9 thoughts on “Product Review : Baby Carriers”

  1. hi carrie!
    i am definitely bigger than your average woman and all of the carriers i listed above have fit me very well, so there are several carriers that would likely work for you. the moby is a large piece of fabric so i know that it would work and the hotsling and peanut shell come in different sizes. there is also a ton of additional information on!
    hope that helps :)

  2. I loved my Moby as well. I didn’t wear two at the same time that often because of the summer heat, although, the times that I did, we were all very happy. What I liked about the Moby — and I wouldn’t share this info elsewhere! — is that it was so big, I would often go topless and just let the wrap cover me up. I never felt exposed and I felt a lot closer to my baby (ies).

  3. Oh, wow, you’re bringing back lots of lovely memories from when my twins were little! I’m glad you’re discovering Mei Tei’s – from the time my girls were 3 months, that was our main mode of babywearing. I had 2 Kozy Carrier’s and would wear one girl on the front and one girl on the back. I loved the weight distribution and that I still had my hands free to take care of my older child. There are so many great options out there!

  4. I’m totally awed at how you do it and am so glad that babywearing has proven to be a good tool for you! Just so you know, we offer a 10% discount on all purchases through Mutiple Births of Canada – use code MBC10 at checkout. (And we carry most of the above carriers, plus free shipping over $50).

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