An Inside-Outside celebration for a bed rest mama

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I originally posted this entry on my personal blog, Laura’s Mommy Journal, when my boys turned 8 months old. During my pregnancy, I was on some form of bed rest for three months. I thought I would post it over here where some of the bed rest mamas could appreciate it.

Today is the day the boys have been outside my body longer than they were inside my body. This is a very significant milestone. Some people might say I was lucky to only be pregnant 8 months. Those people are completely insane. suggests an Inside-Outside party where you do all the things you didn’t get to do while you were pregnant, such as drink wine, eat soft cheese, and ride mechanical bulls. That isn’t quite enough for me… I also want to intentionally avoid things I had to do while I was pregnant. I’m celebrating ALL DAY peoples.

Here’s what I will do:

* I will stand for longer than 10 minutes in a row.
* I will go for a walk farther than one block.
* I will walk up and down the stairs of the house however many times I want.
* I will shower for as long as I want.
* I will wear a shirt that covers my entire belly.
* I will wear a shirt that has no stains since I can reach the table now.
* I will wear shoes.
* I will be able to see my toes.

Here’s what I will not do:

* I will not lie on my left side.
* I will not lie on the couch watching TiVo.
* I will not watch Baby Story, Birth Day, Adoption Story or anything on TLC or DHC.
* I will not eat mac and cheese with bacon on top. (30g of protein)
* I will not calculate how much protein is in everything I eat.
* I will not count anything – contractions, kicks, protein grams, glasses of water, weeks pregnant.
* I will not ride in a wheelchair.
* I will not take an iron pill, a Flintstone vitamin, or a drug not approved by the FDA for my condition (terbutaline).
* I will not use a mirror to check my entire belly for stretch marks.
* I will not call the kids Alien and Skeletor.
* I will not have strangers staring at me scared that I am going to give birth right in front of them.
* I will not give Jon an update on the status of belly button.
* I will not say to Jon, “I think my belly is bigger today.”
* I will not summon Jon into the room to help me pick up something I dropped on the floor, to refill my water, to change the room temperature, or to say hi.

On second thought, I really miss summoning Jon. Those were some good times. I probably can’t get away with that anymore unless I throw out the whole “I am the mother to your children!” line. I haven’t busted that one out yet, so today might be a good day to try it. Oh Jon…

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17 thoughts on “An Inside-Outside celebration for a bed rest mama”

  1. Nice!

    I remember being in the hospital shortly after delivery, and I was beyond excited that I could actually lie on my back without feeling like i’d pass out.

    Of course, my blood pressure was still elevated, so they still made me lie on my damn left side most of the time. Oh well.

  2. OMG. I am 31 weeks with twins (and have been on modified bed rest off and on since 12 weeks) and this post brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure it has a tiny bit to do with the hormones, but mostly it’s because there is SOMEONE out there that gets it! 100% a million times over, gets it!

    Thank you for the tears (of happiness, relief, excitement, etc.) and the laughs. I can’t wait for my inside/outside party (well, I can…but you know what I mean.)

  3. I read this on your blog when you posted it but I enjoy it even more now that I am nearing the end. Husband has been “fetching” for me lately and I refuse to feel guilty. Sometimes I make him come into the family room just to chat. Although I’m still working “full time” at 34 weeks I have been doing it from home quite a bit and I often call to pester him about when he’s coming home. And I don’t even have 2 sreaming infants!

  4. Ah yes, those were the days! I remember attempting to be light-hearted with friends and family all the while feeling extremely isolated and anxious. Sure I would do it all over again for my boys, no question. But it’s also an experience that is difficult for other people to understand unless they’ve been there too!

    After the boys were born I had a long list of things I wanted to do ‘because I can’: climbing stairs, riding a bike, carrying groceries, etc. I still use ‘Because I Can’ as a motivator or to inspire gratitude that my body, my strong healthy body, has done and can still do amazing things.

  5. Love the list!

    After my deliver and healing process, I remember being so darn excited to be able to tie my own shoes, walk up the stairs with out being winded, and be in public with out feeling like the biggest woman in the world! I remember being so grateful that I could park far away from a store, because I wasn’t having contractions or ligament pain. I remember running more than 2 errands a day, and still having energy! I could go on and on!

  6. Can I have some mac n cheese with bacon? Yum.

    I feel very lucky that I never had to do bedrest, but many of those things (updates on belly/belly button, not walking far/well, fetching for a pick-up task) I did anyway as the pregnancy neared its end. It must be a long time ago now, because thinking about it makes me feel a bit nostalgic.

  7. This was a great post- I was not on bed rest while pregnant with my twins but this brings to life how hard that WOULD Have been. My strongest memory of the final day of my pregnancy was I had the horribly swollen ankles and hands, belly was HUGE, I could only manage one short errand per day and got winded so easily. My water broke the night of June 2, but during that afternoon, on the last day of my twin pregnancy I had somehow made one trip to Wal-Mart and picked up some last minute items which I was so grateful for after delivery: 2 comfy cotton nursing bras and a great nursing nightgown (as it was June). Maybe subconsciously my body waited until I had those key items before delivering (that night)! I remember the Wal mart being so crowded and the parking lot was baking hot, I knew I had no business being out but went anyway.

  8. Ahh yes… 3 months of bed rest here. Then 12 days in the hospital after I had post partum issues. Ahh the good stuff! :) You know what though I would do it all over again! (I must be insane!)

    The last 2 weeks I gained 50 lbs of water. I could barely walk, 5 mins in the shower was 5 mins more than my poor feet could handle. My belly barely got through the shower door. My feet were so fat I am sure I could almost see them. Thanks for bringing back the memories! :)

  9. Hey all! I am a survivor of 42 days of STRICT hospital bedrest (I am talking bed pan city, and physical therapy in bed!) and I loved this post!

    It brought back so many memories, and yes, I would do it ALL again (even the mag sulfate) for my twins in a heartbeat! I only made it from 20 weeks to 27, but we are now the proud parents of very happy, very chatty, 3 year old twin girls!

    So, CHEERS to bedrest, and the results that follow!!!!!

  10. Love this list! I was in the middle of my bed rest sentence at this time last year and DO NOT MISS IT FOR ONE SECOND! But, the end result was definitely worth the trouble of growing two healthy and beautiful babies!

  11. Oh I needed that laugh!! Yes, I remember every bit of that! It is amazing that is all over and I have three wonderful babies! I do wish I could watch TiVo every once and a while now though!!

  12. I feel like you ripped this right out of my brain. right down to the belly button updates.

    I almost forgot how miserable that was :) almost… LOL

  13. Hilarious! I slept on my back for months after my twins were born–just because I could comfortably lie on my back again! When I think about how tired I am at the end of the day now, I realize that I have been STANDING for most of the day–and it’s great that I CAN stand for that long. I can reach the faucet to do dishes, fit behind the steering wheel of my car, change my toddlers’ crib sheets, lift something more than 20 pounds (our double stroller weighs 30+ without the 27 pounders that normally ride in it), etc. etc. etc.

  14. This is a great list! I’m 24 weeks PG with twins and haven’t been put on bed rest but am LOL at some of these entries, esp. the belly button status report.

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