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I’m three days into my week with the girls. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

They are a little more overwhelmed by new environments than I might have thought. Liana’s clingyness is especially surprising: She is so independent and adventurous around the house. We went to gymnastics Monday, and they were both stuck to my legs. Same thing at our new pre-school. Now, in both places, they did warm up after a few minutes. But the world is still a big – and sometimes scary – place. It’s easy to forget that seeing them in their element at home.

Meals are the most stressful times of the day. They say they’re hungry and then don’t eat. They chew things up and then spit them out, and they don’t always have a clear reason. They love to bang silverware and make messes. Exhibit A: The Working Mom made a special effort to whip up some chicken salad for chicken salad sandwiches at lunch. They were hungry. I brought out the sandwiches. And Liana very patiently took off every last bit of chicken salad and ate only the bread. Question for my mom: Was I like this at 2? Oh, never mind. I know the answer.

All the energy it takes to keep up with them, all the stress – it’s worth it for the one or two moments each day:

Hearing them tell the story of their day to Mom when she comes home from work: “We saw cows. In the barn. Go milking. Cow peed. One cow pooped.”

Liana crying from a scraped knee on her way to the car. Jadyn, from her car seat, unprompted, reaching out to hold her sister’s hand while Liana got her knee cleaned and bandaged.

Seeing them with other kids and realizing they move pretty well on their own and make decisions on their own. In not quite three years, they have become little people. Not perfect by any stretch, but the most beautiful people I could ever imagine.

Any dads out there have a story to share about their first solo experience at home with their twins (or multiples)?

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2 thoughts on “When Dad fills in for mom”

  1. I’m not the dad–but I had to share this experience from the other day when my husband was watching all the kids–the toddler and 2 month old twins. I had just had surgery and he agreed to watch the kids so I could take a nap. The twin’s crib happens to be in our bedroom. I had a hard time pretending to be asleep while he kept trying to get the girls to go to bed. “Come on girls, daddy has stuff to do. Please just go to sleep. Please?! Please?! Why don’t you just go to sleep. You’re so tired. . . ” This went on for over an hour. Gotta tell ya the feeling of vindication when I woke up and he very defensively told he hadn’t gotten anything done because of the girls. HA! Now you know how my entire day and night goes! My husband is a great guy and works very hard (which is why I don’t wake him up for night time feedings)–but it’s nice to see how the other half lives every once in awhile! :) hee-hee-hee

  2. I think the turning point for my husband was right around the 1 year mark, when the kids stopped breastfeeding. I think that gave him more confidence, knowing that the kids could be (and had to be) soothed in ways that weren’t Mom feeding them.

    Very early on, my husband had the kids solo. It was usually pretty darn hard, but he did it anyway.

    Now, at 15 months, he genuinely ejoys spending time with them, without me in the house! Go DAD!

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