Law Lets Twins Stay Together

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…starting this fall in Pennsylvania, parents of multibirths can choose to place their children in the same classrooms if they are in the same grade level and school. The measure, dubbed the “twins law,” was slipped into the education section of the state budget, which passed July 4.

With the weight of recent scientific evidence that challenges long-held educational notions that twins can’t develop into individuals without separation — and a burgeoning grassroots movement of multibirth parents — a growing number of states are adopting policies to ensure twins can stay together in classrooms if they choose.

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5 thoughts on “Law Lets Twins Stay Together”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I wonder if this is making news in educator circles, because the Principal at the twins’ new middle school came up to me specifically during registration and asked if I wanted to keep my twins together. She’s not usually the most proactive, accommodating person, so that took me by surprise.

    It’s good to see the effect that parents of twins had in making this happen, and the new understanding that’s coming about from research.

    Don’t let schools make decisions about your children for you. Speak up.

  2. Texas recently passed a similar law, much to my delight. I have no idea whether my girls will be better off together or separated in three years’ time, but my husband and I should be the judges of that, not the school system.

  3. As a PA resident, I’m glad to see that we, the parents, will have input in this decision. Hard to know which way we’ll go, but I’m sure we’ll have a better sense then. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m glad they’re giving the choice back to the parents – I’ve never understood how an administration could decide to separate all twins ! It may be beneficial in some situations but the parents should be the ones to make that decision – Nice to see this!

  5. I was recently perusing the handbook since my son started school this year and was delighted to find that our school leaves the decision to the parents. I’ll probably leave it up to them. :)

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