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My oldest child just started 8th grade yesterday, and my older set of twins has been in kindergarten for a few weeks now. Buh-bye, summertime! I’ve got a houseful of zombies over here, as we haven’t really adjusted yet to getting up at the crack of o’dark thirty yet. And somehow, I still haven’t gotten it into my head that I could save myself significant time in the morning if I would do lunchbox duty at night, before I go to bed! Nope, every morning, I stand in my kitchen, bleary-eyed, throwing together PB&Js.

A friend of mine just passed along this great resource, though, and I’m hoping it’ll bring an end to the boring lunches: is full of great, kid-friendly recipes, like this one:

Berry Breakfast Roll Up

Note/Suggestions: This is not just a great and quick breakfast item, but a great snack item as well. This will make about 4 servings.

* 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese
* 2 tablespoons brown sugar
* 1/2 teaspoon ground apple pie spice
* 2 cups blackberries, washed and drained (any berry will do)
* 4 burrito size multigrain or flour tortillas


1. Combine cottage cheese with sugar and cinnamon and mix well.
2. Heat the tortillas until they are warm and easy to use.
3. Put a 1/8 cup of the cottage cheese mixture on the first third of the tortilla and a 1/4 cup of berries.
4. Fold the sides of the tortilla inwards and roll the tortilla up and over the berry and cheese mixture. Continue to roll the tortilla until the end.
5. Melt the cheese in the toaster oven or microwave, or serve room temperature.

Besides all the recipes, they have lots of healthy food ideas, shopping lists, a blog, and lots of articles about nutrition. Check it out! I’ve been poking around the site all morning long. Thought some of you with school-age kiddos might find it interesting too!

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One thought on “ – Great Resource!”

  1. That’s a great recipe idea! I’ll have to check out the site. I do wonder, though, how you keep cottage cheese at a safe temperature in your kiddos’ lunchboxes. I’ll readily admit that I haven’t looked at lunchboxes since I carried one myself in the My Little Pony days of the 80s. Do they have icepacks or cooler compartments these days?

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