In favor of laziness.

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Daddy and the little kids.

I used to be one of those moms who always, ALWAYS dressed her twins alike. I know it’s frowned upon. I know I should be pushing them to be their own unique selves. But they’re just so darned CUTE in their matchy-match clothes! I even had matching pajamas for them, just in case I decided to take pictures at the breakfast table, I guess.

Something changed within me, though. I started to let my kids pick out their own clothes. It happened a few months ago, and I’m not even sure what led to it – probably just the kids getting older, I guess. They just hit the dresser and put together outfits that THEY like – and I’m totally okay with it! We even go out in public dressed in crazy, weather-inappropriate attire, and it doesn’t bug me at all. They’re loving it, and I love not obsessing over their clothes anymore.

What are your feelings on dressing kids alike? How often do your twins wear matching outfits?

Note: I wrote this post way back on August 15th, but stupidly hit “save” instead of “publish” – and now I see that another of our talented authors has written a post about dressing twins alike. I swear, I’m not copying, teacher! I couldn’t see “wasting” my post, though, so here it is.

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7 thoughts on “In favor of laziness.”

  1. I never got around to commenting on the other “dressing alike” post, so instead I’ll comment on this one!

    I used to dress Maddie and Riley alike sometimes–I thought it was fun, and boy, the sure do look cute in coordinating outfits. But since the age of about 20 months, I’ve let them choose their outfits. I hold them over the drawer of shirts and they grab one, then I hold them over the drawer of pants/shorts and they grab something out of there. They choose some CRAZY stuff, but it just doesn’t bother me. This past Saturday, Riley went to a b-day party dressed in pink striped pants and and a blue and orange striped top with a tractor on it. Huh. He was thrilled with his outfit.

  2. I have identical boys who will be 5 in October. I have always dressed them alike. At first because it was easier somehow, now they demand it! If by chance I have an “odd” shirt on one because of a spill mishap the previous day, (no I am not that extreme, I will not change a perfectly clean piece of clothing just to match) they will complain about not matching.

  3. Before our girls arrived I swore I wasn’t going to “do the cutsey matchy-matchy thing.” Yeah….THAT didn’t last very long. There’s just something cute about seeing sweet little ones matching or coordinated. I’m sure when they get old enough to have an opinion I’ll let them choose.

    Ha – I also said my house wouldn’t turn into a sea of pink, either. I lost that one, too!!

  4. I have to second what Andie said…I specifically requested that people not buy pink or matching things for our girls, but alas they have. And they’re cute. I’m embarrassed that I do it, and embarrassed to admit I do. But I am amazed that anyone can resist.

  5. I’ve been scolded by random strangers on multiple occasions for taking my twin girls out in matching outfits. I don’t do it very often, and they’re only 6 months old, so geez louise, why do people care? With all that mothers of twins have to deal with, we should be able to dress our kids in whatever strikes our fancy, and no one should say boo.

  6. i only dress my girls identically if I fall in love with something or can only find one appropriate outfit (ie for a wedding or party). I am big on coordinating outfits. I love Gymboree for that!

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