For The Visually Inclined: Getting Out Of The Car

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My mother and I were talking the other day and, maybe because she lives 180 miles away, she couldn’t imagine how I “manage” to get the kids into daycare without leaving one in the car. And I told her we DO leave them in the car, but only when we go to Wal-Mart.

As for all the other times, it looks a little something like this:
Going To School

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7 thoughts on “For The Visually Inclined: Getting Out Of The Car”

  1. Looks familiar….but I did more of the milk-maid. You know….one bucket on each side. And all five foot 1, 100 pounds of me looked pretty weird and awkard doing that.
    But I have to say…..I love your diaper bag! It even matches your outfit.

  2. Yikes – I remember those days. It got difficult when they outgrew the carriers but weren’t quite ready to walk in unaided. Bless the ladies at daycare that would help me in and out. I just remember thinking, “Deep breath, mama. This won’t be forever.”

  3. Oh ya! I remember that…I did the double-car-seat technique as well. Holy mommy muscles! (where’d they GO?) “car seat elbow” doesn’t sound like much fun though.

    Now, with the three of them, I just have to remember to tell Burke to hold Maggie’s hand and not let go (my nerves.) and then remember that if i try to put Logan down, he will fall LOL

  4. My twins are 20 months now. I am still struggling with getting them in and out of the day care. It was very hard when they outgrew the carriers but the day care ladies helped me. Now that they walk well I’ve been determined to do it on my own, and have them walk out. The problem is that they either both want to be carried (too hard on my shoulders and getting the car door oper) or one will walk a little ways and then start protesting. Suggestions?

  5. When my Doodles were that age, I used a front carrier (Evenflo, but I’ve heard great things about Baby Bjorn) for one, carried the other on one hip, and carried whatever gear was needed for the day in the other hand. I put down the gear to open and close doors.

    My best friend found me a carseat sling:, which I found a little bulky, but was really great if one of the girls was asleep in the car and it was easier to keep in the seat.

    The other parents’ of twins at our daycare use a stroller, since the daycare has ramps.

    Becky, have you tried asking yours to carry something inside for you? I find that when my girls feel responsible for a delivery task, they walk straight to their classroom instead of dawdling or getting distracted. It could be something as simple as a blanket or a book to show their teacher.

    We’ve also made a routine of getting out of the car, from where the first one out needs to stand when I unstrap sister, to looking both ways before crossing the street, to a quick swing on the handrail at the bottom of the steps before we go inside.

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