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I promise I’m going to stop talking about milk and sippy cups soon.  But in the interest of full disclosure, I thought I’d provide the middle and end to my tale of switching from formula to milk and bottles to cups.

Not long after their first birthday, as well-documented on this very site, we began the great switcheroo. I was so thrilled not to buy formula anymore, I can hardly even express it.  The switch to milk went fine.  Over the course of about a week, I moved their bottles from 100% formula to a gradual mix of formula and milk, until it was all milk with just a scoop of formula to finish off the can.  Great, no problem.  I did it in their usual bottles, though, as they were not super interested in the cups.  OK, fine.

The next week, instead of handing them a bottle first thing in the morning, I handed them a cup.  Daniel could have cared less, but Rebecca took one sip and turned up her nose and would drink no more milk until I gave her the bedtime bottle that night.  She’d drink water or diluted juice out of that cup, no problem, but not milk.  This went on for days. The girl knows a weakness in the system when she sees one, believe me. Then, we left for vacation, and I just threw up my hands and brought the bottles for milk (still sippys for water and other non-milk liquids).  Fine.

Came home, tried again to offer the otherwise acceptable sippy cup full of milk, Rebecca again turned up her nose.  Until, one day, she knowingly took a few sips.  Aha!  Caught in the act!  You are physically capable of drinking milk from a sippy cup!  The next day, upon re-reading the advice you lovely readers gave when I first asked, I recommitted to going full-time sippy cups.  No more bottles.

As some of you predicted, she drank VERY little milk for the first several days.  I kept her hydrated with other drinks and fruits with plenty of water content.  I kept her calcium intake going with yogurt and cheese. I tried all variety of new and different cups, until my husband finally asked if there was some kind of Gremlin-esque sippy-cup explosion in our kitchen.  I was getting frustrated, though perhaps half-admiring my daughter for her total commitment to the cause.

And then, at a friend’s house, she snagged another kid’s sippy cup. Not unusual, and the cup only had water in it… but it had a straw.  She loved that thing.  I decided to give it one last try, and found them at my local grocery store.  Put some milk in it, and she was not immediately disgusted.  A sliver of hope?

Yesterday, she drank two full cups of milk in about an hour and a half.


Oh sure, this morning she didn’t drink much.  But now at least I can just attribute it to normal ups and downs, and not an absolute refusal.  So, for all those who might be struggling with their kids and cups, sometimes it just takes a little stubbornness and a few more tries.

The winner of the sippy-cup stare-down?  The Gerber Cool Twisties Straw Cup.  Of course, my son hasn’t figured out the straws yet and is still doing the Take & Toss ones, but oh well.  It works.

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5 thoughts on “One cup to rule them all”

  1. Shoot, I forgot to mention that lots of mom friends had better luck with straw sippies! And because I’m a product whore, I have to recommend this dishwasher basket for straws and little pieces:

    Both boys were hit or miss with milk from 12-24 months. Some days it would be 2-4 oz total and some days it would be 24 oz. I just kept giving them cheese and yogurt. Somewhere close to 2, they magically wanted a ton of milk and now we go through 2 gallons a week just for them and me.

  2. Best sippy ever! Of course, we left one of ours at a friend’s in NH yesterday, so Seth ran out to buy a second one last night. And it’s a different color. Thus, huge fight over the new, different colored (but otherwise identical) sippy this morning.

  3. Yes! The Take N Toss straw cups are a new find at our house, too. I don’t think they’re purposely drinking fluids as much as they are playing with the straw and inadvertently consuming whatever I’ve put in their cups. But I don’t care–it’s Phoenix and it’s hot and everyone needs to stay hydrated.

    Two thumbs up for straw cups in our house! Now if only they would make Take N Toss straw cups with lids which are completely locked on so that they do not come apart when tossed overboard from the highchair tray.

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