When 75% Of The Household Is Sick

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I noticed on the kids’ “report cards” from their montessori school on Friday did not have any poops listed. Zero. Neither kid. By Saturday, that was a little disconcerting (it shouldn’t have been) and so (think next time before you act), I put a little dark Karo syrup to get things moving along. Which it did, for our daughter, who had a good greenish nice consistency poop later that afternoon. The thing is, when I changed the little guy and he had poop in his diaper – this being BEFORE I GAVE HIM THE KARO-LACED BOTTLE – I should have just stopped right there and made him another bottle, without the mover. But did I? No.

So Sunday morning, guess what he was bathed in? Poop. ON THE ONE NIGHT I HAD REMOVED THE CRIB SHEET SAVER. And then he shed a liquidy yellow mess about every hour for the next 24 hours. Oh, did I mention he threw up 5 times on Saturday. More experienced parents would string two-and-two together, but I’m an amateur.

Turns out Karo was purely coincidental. He’s got a stomach bug. Though we didn’t figure that out until yesterday, Monday, when I called the pediatrician to ask about highlighter yellow liquid poo, this shortly after I had just thrown up. Nine times.

Now our daughter is either teething, or getting sick, or something. So here we are, 3 of the four of us ill at home. Not fun.

And I’ll just say right now, I couldn’t do it on my own. So in all fairness to the kiddos, I hired a baby nurse/doula type to come and help me out. Which is how I’m posting this second. I’ve kept some water in me for now 12 hours. Progress.

How do YOU all manage when everybody is sick?

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8 thoughts on “When 75% Of The Household Is Sick”

  1. My boys were in day care for exactly 3 days before they came home with a 10 day vomiting virus (they were 3 months old). Two days later, my husband caught it. And in the meantime, our city had an e coli outbreak so we had to boil bottles and water before we could use it.

    At one point, I was driving to Target for more laundry detergent and bottled water. I called my friend who just had a kid 6 months before me. I sobbed into the phone, “Does parenting get any harder than this? Because I don’t think I can make it if it gets harder.”

    Since then, which was my lowest point of all lows with a husband puking in a bucket and two babies barfing everywhere, we have a golden rule in our house – keep dad away from any child who is sick. My husband catches everything and I never seem to catch anything. I am crazy about washing hands and cleaning grimy kids after coming home from day care.

    How do we mentally survive? I just take it one day at a time. Puking viruses always seem to show up in fall and spring. Now we’ve been through 5 of them. None of them have been as horrible as that 10 day puke fest.

  2. My girls are now 3 1/2 and can often make it to the toilet BUT here is how we survive:

    1. Put sheets and towels all over sofa, rug in den and floor.
    2. Watch lots of movies and drink fluids.
    3. We have these plastic bins from the NICU that held the girls’ stuff. They are our barf bins if we don’t make it to the bathroom
    4. The washing machine never stops running.

    Pretty much works for us now and did even when they couldn’t make it to the toilet. I find that the distraction of the movie ends up relaxing me enough that I don’t completely freak out (which I do on a regular basis) and often we all fall asleep.

  3. Neighbours neighbours neighbours. I have one neighbour with no kids who I call on when I just don’t have enough hands and my girls are too contagious to be around other kids. She’s an amazing woman. She’s cleaned vomit of my floors so I could hold my feverish girls, she’s monitored their breathing so I could shower, and has had us over for Thanksgiving when the girls’ fevers kept us from keeping our original celebration plans. All of this was while both our husbands were in Iraq.

  4. When my kids were that young I would call MOM. Luckily she lived nearby.. I remember times when my husband was away in the city , not home for days and all 4 of us sick as a dog. In particular one gawd awful Christmas when hubby was away and all of us SO sick. Awful times.

    Good for you for getting the help you needed. (Funny you should mention the home care and glad you did, I am considering starting up my own “Mom for Rent” type business for new mom’s and mom’s that just need an extra hand with ANYTHING.)

    Hope you are all feeling better.


  5. I’m lucky that my kids aren’t the throwing up type. Through all our viruses, they usually don’t vomit. But the diarrhea is atrocious. My girls wear footed sleepers, and there’s been many a time I’ve unzipped that thing to find it full.

  6. Nothing so far has been as bad as the stomach bug ripping through all four of us. It sucks. Luckily, the worst of it usually passes quickly. Hope everyone’s on the mend soon.

  7. We just basically muddle through. I had 3 of my 4 kids sick with a barfing thing this summer and I did lots of laundry and gave lots of hugs. Back in the winter 5 of the six of us were sick, and the one who wasn’t sick (my husband) went to work. I did all I could to stave off fevers, give hugs and try to stay awake myself. Sometimes it’s just too much to bear, but I guess you just do what you can and pray it gets over soon.

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