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I’m not sure about all of you, but my mind is entirely focused on politics today. I’d love to write something deep and meaningful about parenting twins but all my brain can do is think about the polls closing so I can watch election results!

I think that as parents, we rarely get time to stop and appreciate how hard we are working. Today I’d like to encourage everyone to toot their own horn and share a PowerMom (or PowerDad) moment. Here’s mine:


During my maternity leave, Nate spent a lot of time in a carrier with me. If Alex starting fussing while Nate was in a carrier, I often picked up Alex and sat with both of them in the rocking chair. My Multiple PowerMom moment = comforting two babies while also managing to watch tv at the same time.

Share your uniquely Multiple PowerMom moment!

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14 thoughts on “Tooting your own horn”

  1. The other night Ellie had thrown up all over herself. (thankfully I now put them to sleep at opposite ends of the crib with their feet together instead of laying them next to each other.)
    I called my mom (because Jim was at school) and asked her to come out and help me. I needed her to hold ellie while I changed the sheet on the crib. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to do it when Will was still sleeping in it. Mom knew what to do. I took the sheets off Ellie’s side of the crib and put the clean sheet on it. Then I put Will on that side of the crib and then pulled the rest of the dirty sheet off Will’s side and finished putting the clean one on. Will slept through the whole thing!

    My Multiple PowerMom moment = I can change the sheets on a crib and not wake the sleeping baby.

  2. hands down, my ability to get everything i need in trader joe’s with both of them in tow, under control and with a usual graceful exit pre-meltdown…so what if owen is chewing on the block of cheese and mason is trying to pop his balloon, they are happy not screaming.

  3. My Multiple PowerMom moment of the day: writing over a thousand words of my novel, outside, in between playing in the sandbox, playing chase with my kids, and throwing leaves around.

    It was the perfect mix of doing something for me, and keeping my kids happy, safe, and entertained. Three and a half is a good age for twins!

  4. Today I went to a doctor’s appointment for myself, then one for the babies, and then to vote, all alone with my 12 week old triplets!

  5. I took my one year old twins to the doctor. As I pulled into the parking lot I realized that I had left the stroller in the garage after our walk! After panicking for about 15 seconds, I grabbed the diaper bag and both kids and off we went!

  6. I read the entire “Pillars of the Earth” during the first 4 weeks of my children’s life! Yep, all 900+ pages of it! And I would go to Target with 2 newborns in tow at least 2 times a week. Wow, I am super woman! Ha ha ha… great post.

  7. The apple orchard outing stands out in my mind. Last year, by myself, I took my first grader Ethan, and my 4 month old twins, on a long drive to an apple orchard for an outing Ethan did not want to miss with our church group.
    I navigated through the hilly, bumpy terrain of the orchard and helped Ethan pick apples using that long stick, all the while feeding the babies their bottles in the double jogger and keeping them safe from falling apples! In hindsight this outing was way too ambitious but I did it myself anyway.

  8. I WAS going to post that I went to vote with my 18 month old twins and the trip was a happy, non-screamy success but then I read Melody’s post—-she has me beat! Goodness. It makes my day seem so easy.

  9. I raised our kids in a way my husband was proud of while he was in Iraq for 15 months, and worked overtime to make up the sick leave I used up on my preemies. By the time he’d been home 2 months, my leave balance was in the black.

  10. I once took my kids snowshoeing by myself. Faith in a bjorn, Jonathan in a backpack. I think they were about 9 months old and about 40lbs. together.

    Melody, you rock! Geez, you ARE superwoman!

  11. Mine was definitely standing in the car dealer’s service area waiting to be helped so I could get an oil change. I had an infant car seat in each hand and was swinging BOTH seats back and fourth to avoid a scream fest. All the guys in the service area kept commenting on how I was super woman for being able to swing both seats like that.

    And Melody….WOW! my twin girls are 2 and I chickened out and called my Mom to watch them while I went to vote. I had visions of LOOOOOOOONG lines and bored toddlers. But you ROCK!

  12. My biggest accomplishment happened last week. I walked with my 3 month old triplets and my 2 year old daughter to the library. On my own. With only a double stroller. No crying, either!!!

    It’s amazing to think that that is an accomplishment, but right now for me, getting out of the house is amazing!

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