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Nowhere in our house is the cliche “having a baby changes everything” more apparent than our refrigerator.

When I first got pregnant, I put a calendar on our fridge so I could count down the number of days until 14 weeks – the time when morning sickness usually goes away (USUALLY! not in my case). How many times did I stare at it, wondering when I would feel better?

Shortly after the nausea countdown, we put our doctor’s phone number and a list of pre-term labor signs on the fridge. How many times did I stare at it, timing my contractions and wondering if I should call the doctor?

After that list came down, up went the calendar with the dates we were having visitors to help. How many times did I stare at it, thankful for the help and wondering how each day could seem so long?

Then on the fridge was a list of baby foods -foods Alex and Nate can eat and things they can not eat. Nate can’t have carrots because of his reflux but Alex can have carrots and Nate hasn’t tried prunes but Alex does eat prunes and Nate gets bad gas with peas and Nate and Alex can both eat pears, oatmeal, and squash but neither of them can have rice cereal – it made my head spin. How many times did I stare at that list, wondering why it is so insanely complicated to feed two babies?

As we started to get a semblance of a life back, up went the schedule of activities. Gymboree classes, playdates, holiday parties, swim classes, doctor’s appointments, moms nights out, date night, vacation trips. How many times have I stared at the calendar, wondering when my life became so busy?

The one constant on the fridge is this picture of them in a swing together, taken on a sunny 70 degree November day. How many times have I stared at that picture, so happy that life is so good?


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7 thoughts on “On the fridge”

  1. Great pic! The double swing is a good metaphor for all that’s wonderful with twins. And it was the first full throated joy I got out of my twins.

    Love too that there are other bald little babies out there!

  2. we put our kids in the swing like that, too! And yes, great perspective, but I will admit that the prospect of it all made me throw up a little a bit inside my mouth. but only a little bit.

  3. I put my 11 month old boy’s in the swing like that and it brings such a joy to my heart. I have little saying now on my fridge that keep me sane throughout the day.

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