Judging Is SO EASY When You're Ignorant

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Through my having-my-own-place years and up until this December, I have always spent the last couple days of November putting up a tree, meticulously threading over a thousand lights onto said tree, decorating the house with objects that would make baby proofers fall out, making my own wreaths, and baking goods from scratch.

What with all my self-possessed self-righteousness of Decorating-Correctness, I only barely had enough black dots left on my heart to despise the alleged lazy-asses who purchased those netting type lights that you simply toss onto the bushes out front, or drape around the trunk of a tree. How could people be so dispirited? How did our culture of consumption take the tradition out of traditions? How could people live with themselves after paying someone else to put up their Christmas lights? It was such a burden being so superior!

Those were my thoughts about such conveniences. UNTIL I HAD KIDS.


Be that as it may, I can honestly say that I’m not sure that we’ll even put up EITHER of our trees. The kids were sick pretty much of all November. So much to do at home. Interviewing nannies. Work is kicking my ass. Things like that. We’re out of town this weekend so ixnay on putting up a tree then. By the following weekend it’s the 14th. I still have to do some shopping. And the weekend after is the weekend before. WHO’S THE GRINCH NOW?

That It’ll-Be-So-Nostalgic-In-Twenty-Years photo of the kids under a tree with wrapped gifts all around them on their first Christmas? Two words: grandma’s house.

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3 thoughts on “Judging Is SO EASY When You're Ignorant”

  1. Hey, I’m so proud of my husband when he throws those nets over all the bushes.

    The lights on the tree however? All me, and many hours. The rest of the family gets bored waiting for me to finish and wanders off.

    Grandma’s house seems like the perfect solution to me!

  2. You’ll have more energy next Christmas for such things (well, maybe the nets of lights and a tree). Christmas this year is so much fun—with my kids being 19 months—versus last Christmas when they were just 8 months and I was still so overwhelmed by them. It’s just one year……

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