How DO you do it?

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I know I have been MIA lately, but life has been quite chaotic since my oldest daughter headed back to school.  She loves sports and plays any and every one that she can so we have had back to back practices and games, with many overlapping seasons.  Oh, and I also have those 3 one year olds to contend with.  I am hoping that this is the start of some renewed time for posting here at HDYDI.  I have missed you all!

As a parent of triplets, this is probably the most frequently asked question. It does get slightly annoying to have to answer the same question over and over again, but I understand the curiosity behind it so I usually indulge the asking party with an answer. Sometimes I answer seriously, other times I just shrug and say I don’t know. But…lately I have been wondering. Really, how DO I do it?

In short I came up with these answers…

  • Lots of caffeine. Seriously, lots and lots of caffeine. I do not have the energy of one 1 year old, much less three 1 year olds, so I depend on caffeinated beverages to give me the energy I need. Really, my life depends on getting enough daily intake; my veins flow with coffee and diet cola. (On a side note, this could explain the insomnia…)
  • A multivitamin to give my body all of the nutrients that all of that caffeine is probably depleting and a vitamin c supplement to keep illness at bay.
  • Laughter. If I didn’t laugh I would probably cry. So I try to see the humor in everything. Even a poopy explosion at naptime. The upside to that you ask? It makes a great blog post :)
  • Normalcy. A good friend just wrote about getting out and doing things with her triplets that are normal, simple things such as going to the grocery store. Those accomplishments make me feel normal and normal is good in my world.
  • Getting out. Some days I have just had enough and I try to recognize the signs before I reach my breaking point. When I get there I surrender control of my world, hand the triplets off to my husband and head for the hills. Well, not really the hills, usually I just shop, often times for groceries, but the important thing is that I get out into the real world and spend some time with me.
  • Writing. Keeping my blog has really helped me to keep my sanity. I am able to reflect and process everything I am going through, record all of our memories and make new friends – all at once. I tend to hide, so I am not sure that I would be quite so positive and upbeat if I didn’t have somewhere to turn that forced me to think about things as I was going through them.
  • Enjoyment. I love spending time with the three 1 year olds we call The Peaches (and of course, The Peanut too) and I cannot imagine my life without all of this…it is so much fun. All of the sticky hands, messy faces, snotty noses, big grins, tiny giggles, belly laughs, hugs and kisses, jumping, dancing, and on and on…my life would be empty without it all!
  • Family and friends. Enough said.
  • Prayer. Every night I pray. Every day I pray. When the going gets tough, I ask for strength. When I have made a mistake, I ask for forgiveness. When I can’t find the answer I need, I ask for wisdom. When I am faced with uncertainty, I ask for clarity. Mostly, I thank God for this life, this family, this love and I thank Him for giving us another day together. We are incredibly blessed, I know that, and I want to make sure that I never take a single moment, a single breath, a single heartbeat, a single person for granted.

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2 thoughts on “How DO you do it?”

  1. thanks for the wonderful post.
    I have twin boys, 18 months old, and a seven year old boy as well. I work and part of the time, DH handles the boys and part of the time, they go to our wonderful babysitters house. This past weekend got me wondering, how DO I do it? The thing is… parents of “singletons” DO NOT GET IT. My local mothers of multiples club is a lifeline for me and so are blogs like this one, when I need to realize I’m not alone on the crazy journey. Parenting multiples is at such a higher level of intensity and quite frankly, it is taking a toll on my marriage (but that is another story). We are all in this together and posts like yours sure help.

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