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Goddess in Progress started this blog because she wanted to help other multiple parents. I think all of us who are a part of a multiples group understand how valuable it can be getting advice from other multiple parents. As a mother of twin toddlers, I’d love to say I stopped needing as much advice when they reached a certain age, but the reality is that I still need multiple-specific advice. Example: we’re potty training next week. Two boys. At the same time. Eeeeeeek. (Any and all advice welcome on this.)

My weekly posts here are my small contibution to twin parenting advice on the internet. This week, I took it a step farther. I outed myself on my blog, letting people know we practice with the boys for events ahead of time. It all started when I gave them some cake before their first birthday. They sobbed hysterically and Nate actually threw the cake on ground. This did not fit into my fantasies of their first birthday so I continued to give them cake until they started eating and stopped crying. From that lesson, I learned if an event is really special to me, attempt a trial run ahead of time to work out the kinks.

This weekend, we had trial runs baking cookies for Santa and having a fire in our fireplace. The cookie baking went pretty smoothly but the fire was a disaster. We learned we have hornets living in our chimney. A lot of them. And that I am deathly afraid of killing hornets. This is one of those stories that my husband and I will be talking about in our retirement. After posting my story, I realized practicing events isn’t something specific to multiples. I submitted my hack to Parent Hacks and it got published today.

After all the advice and help I have received during my short motherhood journey, I feel really good being able to possibly help someone else.  And after our experience on Sunday killing hornets, I think my husband will always be supportive of my uber-planning trial runs. At the very least, if he ever says, “What’s the worst that can happen?” I will have an answer ready: swarm of hornets in our living room.

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