Brotherly Love…finally!

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My boys are acknowledging each other in a positive way!

Sure, in the beginning they needed to be near each other to sleep. But that was an instinct not a choice; a simple result of having slept together for 34 weeks prior.

But as they grew and we moved them to separate cribs, they seemed to pay almost no attention to each other. I kept wondering when they would like each other. If they would like each other.

Now in their 18th month, they are really starting to care for one another. Sure, they still take each others toys away, just for the sake of it — not because they actually want that toy — but when it counts, they are proving that they do love each other:

When one cries, the other will come over and rub his back or smack pat him on the head.

When one gets hurt, the other one will cry in sympathy.

When they go to bed, they can be heard for 15 minutes in their room blowing each other kisses.

When they wake up in the morning, they can be heard “talking” and laughing with each other for a while before yelling out for “Daaaaadeeee” to come get them out.

We even caught them holding hands before bed the other night. Finally, the twin bond is starting to emerge.


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10 thoughts on “Brotherly Love…finally!”

  1. Too, too, too cute! I love it! My kids are just starting to sort of engage each other in independent play, and it’s nothing short of awesome.

    Of course, there’s still toy-stealing and screaming and the occasional biting. But still…

  2. Wow, I look forward to this. My boys, age 18 months, don’t really acknowledge each other much YET.
    They “parallel” play but don’t interact very much at all (except some fighting and stealing toys). I know they share such a special and unique bond which will only increase with time, I can’t wait to actually see this bond in action.

  3. Our 19-month-old girls have been at each others’ throats for months. Lots of biting, lots of SCREAMING. But just the other night they sat next to each other on our bed and actually leaned into one another and giggled. I was dumbstruck! They didn’t bite. They didn’t pinch. What a great moment. I’m looking forward to more of those.

  4. Danny (20 months) was hysterical after nap today (apparently he wanted his milk but doesn’t have a word for milk yet—arg!). Anyway, Abigail did a walk by, looked at him, and came back a minute or two later to hand him his paci. Too cute!

  5. it’s just the most wonderful thing, isn’t it? after months of wondering if they will ever get along, one day it just sort of happens. my 18-mo’s now make each other laugh and play together nicely too. but of course, the bitings are still there..

  6. My boys way of showing brotherly love is by rough housing. It is really funny. But they don’t always agree of when it is a good time to play rough so it can get nasty sometimes.
    they don’t hold hand, but I have seen them kiss eachother. Those are the moments I am I feel the most blessed to have TWINS!

  7. What do I love even more than hearing my babies giggle? Hearing them giggle at each other. At 11 months old it doesn’t happen much, but oh when it does all those squirming double diaper changes are worth it!

    I have a question for the MoMs:

    Can you inspire me when it comes to 1st birthdays? My girls turn 1 next month, and I’m burnt out on parties. Sure, I guess I want to mark the occasion. With a big bottle of champagne for daddy and me after bedtime. But having a party? I’m still reeling from the holidays.

    What did you do? Was it worth it?

  8. I’m giddy with envy. At 9 months, twin A started moving. For the next 5 months, he would sneak up to his brother twin B, and steal his toys. Twin B sat an cried.
    At 14 months, both twins learned walking in the same week. Twin B, who was (and is) about 2 inches taller, went to the kitchen, grabbed a wooden spoon, and started hitting his brother on the head.
    They have been fighting each other ever since (and five more years have passed). All I can say is I’m glad the biting period is over.

  9. This is great to hear. How fun and exciting. My boys will only be six weeks old on Saturday, and 37 weeks gestational age. They are just starting to notice their world this week. I can’t wait until they can interact with one another.

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