The End of An Era

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Something remarkable happened last night…I washed and folded up our two highchairs and stored them in the basement.  Big deal, right? Well, actually, it was a big deal. The highchairs were the last gear standing…the end of the line for baby products in our house. For nearly 20 months, we have been a family of “gear.”  Bouncy seats, swings, exersaucers, boppies, bumbo seats, play gyms and highchairs have dominated the landscape of our home, but no more!

The VERY FIRST highchair photo.
The VERY FIRST highchair photo.

This morning my beautiful new dining table and chairs arrived from JCPenney’s, replacing the tiny 7 year-old Kmart bachelor set that pre-dates me. The table is much larger and in an effort to save space, I replaced the highchairs with our booster seats, which have been riding around in the back of the van for months.  What can I say? I am doing my part to stimulate the economy!

As exciting as a change as this was, I had a lump in my throat (and a kink in my back) as I folded up our highchairs for the last time. There was something symbolic and significant about this simple act. At nearly 20 months old, almost all vestiges of babyhood have disappeared. The dining room turned play room? It is now a place where we can eat as a family and teach the kids that mommy will make them eat all the food they throw on the floor.  :)

Biter-biscuit boy.
Biter-biscuit boy.
Little Faith in the big chair.
Little Faith in the big chair.

I guess I wanted to write about this because it was a very clear reminder that nothing last forever, especially when it comes to kids and time.  The days may be long, but the years are short. We talk a lot on this site about everything being a “phase.”  The phase in our house that I would like to hurry along is Ms. Faith cutting her eye-teeth. She has turned into a whiny, clingy, screamy, miserable toddler. And as much as I wish she would hurry up and cut those darn teeth already, I don’t want to hurry along any of our time together, plane rides excluded.

The VERY LAST highchair photo.
The VERY LAST highchair photo.

What phase are you currently in? What “gear” have you packed away? What stage do you look forward to or miss?

Big kids, big table!
Big kids, big table!

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12 thoughts on “The End of An Era”

  1. I just packed up the high chairs also. :( I wrote about it on my blog recently. We are pretty much done with all the big bulky baby stuff that I can think of for a while. The boys are 20month also.

  2. It IS the end of an era! We donated our high chairs to our church, and now, we still see them pulled out when little ones are in attendance at a food-centric function. Gets me all nostalgic.

    Ours are seven, and virtually all the heavy equipment has been retired. We still use booster seats in the car; and just a few weeks ago, we passed along the last vestige of babydom (that theretofore I’d been too sentimental about, the DuoGlider). Our dining roon chairs still bear the scratches from the boosters…hope yours are more merciful.

    Congrats on the progress! :)

  3. Of all the gear that I miss the most, I really felt it when I gave away my green huge nursing pillow. You know, the one that makes you look like a flying saucer when you are walking down the hall nursing one baby while going to get the other out of bed?

    We’ve given away our bouncy chairs, swing, high chairs and all that remains is the double stroller. And two weeks ago we bought pottys. *sigh* How did two years go by so quickly?

  4. Over Christmas break, we worked on unbabyproofing the house. It was somehow liberating to know they can go in the pan drawer and not to destroy anything.

    When I gave away the big stuff, that was huge too.

  5. Krissy…you have such an amazing gift for writing. Wow. I loved “lump in my throat, kink in my back.” Awesome.

    I can’t get over how much the kids are growing up…they are just so adorable and such fun…and I’d love if they’d come over and clean my house like I saw them cleaning yours over at your blog!

    We are actually just now transitioning IN to the highchair…but I’m really resisting it since the bumbo is just so easy. Oh well, to everything there is a season, huh!

    I’m trying to be very careful not to wish away any time with Jake…because you’re right, the days are long but the years are short. Heck, even the MONTHS are short when they’re this young!

    Anyway…your table is BEAUTIFUL and I am excited for you and Jay as your family moves into this new season!

  6. Wow! I’m tempted to do the same, but I only hesitate with the layout of our house and ease of having the chairs in our kitchen.

    We’re starting to dare to do things without the stroller, which is quite a leap. Just short things, like from the car into the pediatrician’s office. But it’s a sign of things to come…

  7. I am just starting to get rid of stuff and my boys are 3 1/2. It’s hard for me to let go. I try to enjoy every moment (and take 5,000 pictures a year! Ugg!)

  8. We ditched the high chairs too, although they were the litlte boosters with trays that go on chairs. Now, my kiddos mostly eat at the bar stools at the counter. What big kiddos! I actually love this step, as well as ditching the stroller for many activities.

  9. They look so grown up!! It’s sad and heartwarming all at the same time when you hit a milestone like this. I remember when my oldest first started eating at the table with us. When “family dinners” started to mean something like they did when I was growing up. It only gets better from here! Enjoy!

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