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Welcome to a new feature on HDYDI! We are spotlighting one of our loyal followers as a way to introduce you to some of the great parents who are working tirelessly to raise their twins and triplets.

Mamieis a mother of 21 month old twin boys. She has been married for 5 years, yet together with her hubby for 14. She and her three “boys” live in the very sunny but way too hot southern California. She is a full time mama, part time physical therapist/crafter/home keeper/plant killer, but she is working on the last one! When asked what profession she would like to attempt, she answered that she would like to be an owner of a brick & mortar shop that would feature local craft artisans and support community interaction/education through creating. Her blog, “Mamie Knits,” can be found here.

How and why did you get into blogging?
My blog was started due to my love of knitting, (hence the name of the blog) but I rarely wrote on it. I actually really started writing after I was put on bed rest in January of 2007. It became an outlet and a connection to other people during the time I was stuck in the house.

Have your reasons for blogging changed?
My reasons have stayed fairly the same. I try to connect and share about parts of my life, which includes the twins, my craft/photography and sometimes my thoughts on parenting, living and loving.

How long have you been blogging?
I started my blog in May ’06 and I have been fairly consistent since January ’07.

How did you learn about HDYDI?
HDYDI was the brainchild of my favorite twin Mama bloggers, so I was there at its ‘birth.’  I actually did not connect with other twin Mamas via blogging until the boys were about 4 months old…before that all my reading was other Knitter Mamas but they all had singletons.  I cannot tell you the relief I felt when I found other Mamas like me….with TWO (or more).  It is my go-to when I need to feel supported and understood as a Mama of Multiples.

Do you remember your first words when you discovered you had more than one ‘in there’?
Um, so here’s a funny story. My first ultrasound was at 13 weeks gestation. This was my first visit with our OB as my pregnancy seemed very normal up until then and I was seeing my primary care physician for the first trimester. So, on the table, the ultrasound started and Dr T. said “You owe me a bottle of Tylenol.”

My heart started racing, I turned to see the screen and freaked out as I saw two heads facing each other. I did not say it but my first terrified thought was that I was having a two headed child (and I am not talking about thinking they were conjoined, people, just two headed). He must have seen my panic because he quickly pointed out the two heart beats. Later my husband told me he thought the MD was showing him the baby’s heartbeat and then mine. Dr T. looked at us patiently and said “Twins.” Duh.

If you could go back to the newborn days, would you do anything differently?
I would do so many things differently, but then I forgive myself and realize that it was hard, it was my first time and I was learning. One thing I would definitely do is seek help for my PPD (Post Partum Depression) earlier. I was 7 months out when I finally admitted I needed help. I sought treatment via acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) but if that had not helped, I would have gone with prescribed medication.

And I would have purchased our digital SLR camera before they were born, not when they were ten months old. Still kicking self.
Did you have a favorite product that you can’t rave about enough?
I loved using Playtex drop ins. No BPE concerns, easy to prepare in advance and line up in the fridge, and though they are a little ‘wasteful’, I found they saved my sanity.

What is one thing you are great at as a mother of twins?
I think one thing I do is embrace the moment as it is…the good times with two and the harder times.

What is one thing you think you are horrible at?
Sounds funny, but putting on enough deodorant to prevent public sweating when I take them out for excursions, be it hiking or shopping or play dates. I am always sweating, people!

What is the first thing you do after saying goodnight to the kids and closing the bedroom door?
What do I not do?! I usually pick up a bit with my husband and we talk about our day, then I grab my knitting (if it is not a yoga night) and set up shop with computer, knitting or sewing and sometimes a favorite pod cast or program running. And I ignore the pile of laundry at the foot of the bed. Still am in fact.

If you had an entire day to yourself (money and obligations aside, and no access to kids or the internet), what would you ideally spend that day doing?
I would fly up to Mammoth Mountain, either mountain bike or snowboard for the day (preferably with my husband, but I am easy), soak in their hot tub with a beer and fly back when the sun had gone down. Ahhhhh.

And what do you think you would actually end up doing?
Um, cleaning the house, trying to organize my stash of craft items, making lists, running errands and making dinner. Not very different than a typical day except sans toddler terrors undoing everything I do.

Mamie, it was a pleasure getting to know you!
Thanks for having me Mama’s!

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13 thoughts on “Readers of HDYDI, Meet Mamie”

  1. PERFECT person to highlight in this wonderful new series! Krissy, love the questions and Mamie, love the answers. This was a lot of fun to read! And I am glad to know I am not the only sweaty one out there.

  2. What a delight to watch this window open this morning and see one of my favorite twin mommy bloggers featured! Even though I read her blog religiously I felt like I got to know her even better by reading this. Awesome! Thanks :-)

  3. thanks ladies…it was a pleasure.

    i have an idea. can you intersperse a feature of the mama writers in between the readers? i ask because i realize that we ‘hear’ about your twins and families and topics but we do not really get to ‘see’ you all.

    what do you think? step in front of the camera? :)

  4. Awwww Mamie! What a pretty mama you are in face and spirit! That last image is a weep-inducer!

    Happy to get to know you better!

  5. LOL, loved the honest answer about deodorant! I’m right there with ya! I love the photos (HDYDI folks – please give us more photos!!!!) Mamie – you are beautiful!

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