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Amidst one of the crazier weeks of my entire life, it’s especially reassuring to find something that will truly make things easier for all of us. It doesn’t happen often, but I have great hopes for this product. My mom witnessed its magic at a hospital recently and thought it was so amazing, she ran out and bought one for us as a Valentine’s Day present (thanks mom!). And without further ado…

The easiest thermometer to ever exist! It’s a temporal scanner device and all you have to do is lightly pass it over the forehead for a temp reading as accurate as a rectal thermometer. Brilliant! I don’t know about you, but it’s never given me much pleasure to take a rectal on my kids. It was one thing when they were infants, but now that they are two…well, you can forget about it. And any prodding to their underarm or ear area is out of the question, too. This is so easy, so quick, and so painless – and you can take their temp without waking them while they are sleeping. Amazing!

It’s a little pricey ($40 range), but if this existed when my kids were born, I would have gladly invested in it. No cleaning with rubbing alcohol necessary. No germ transfer worries. We can all use it, easy peasy.

Here’s to easier times for us all!

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6 thoughts on “Life Saver”

  1. I have the same one and LOVE it! We did the under the arm one for a few months and then I actually found mine at Sam’s Club for $29.99!!! I do daycare as well and it is wonderful! All moms should have one!

  2. This product has actually been around for some time, just not commonly used due to price. They used to be $80 when I worked at BRU six years ago. I have one that I got when my twins were born 16 months ago. I love it. I have found that I get more accurate readings by doing it behind their ears, though.

  3. I was going to get one and then I asked my friend who is an ER doc why she didn’t have one, and she said the nurses call even the hospital ones ‘random number generators’ and that the home ones were much worse. And then I witnessed another friend taking her son’s temperature with hers three times in a row and getting a range of 4 degrees (from a degree below normal to 101.6) . And I decided to save my money and stick with the old fashioned ones.

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