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When contemplating names for our boys, we chose not to go the alliteration route. We didn’t want matching names. My husband’s name is Jon, my name is Laura, and we wanted names that matched the “style” of our names – solid, dependable, classic. Jon wanted names that have nicknames. We were planning to use my grandfathers’ names as middle names so we needed first names that flowed with those names. Jon loved the name Alex (Alexander Joseph) and I loved the name Nate (Nathan Robert), and those names together met all our standards.

2.75 years and we finally hit our first name issues. I’ll give you a hint what these names have in common:

A L E X   &  N A T E

Oh yes, the fighting over the only “A” and “E” in our various alphabet sets has commenced.

Even better? Our last name:


Nobody gets to spell anything in this house without a fight right now.

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7 thoughts on “Another twin naming tip”

  1. Good choices. Subtle. We went with Miles and James…only later to notice the —es Wi——. We had Miles William picked out and were diagnosed w TTTS and told we would most likely lose Baby A…so that night after being diagnosed, before surgery the next day we came up with James Winston… (ps: we have two TTTS survivors ). I think they are individual enough names but still have a non-obvious connections, just how I would have planned it if I had months to PLAN it.

  2. HAHAHA. Would you ever have thought of this issue when you were picking names?

    We have Abigail and Danny, so we’re just screwed. Or need about 3 sets of letters. :)

  3. i think that’s amazing – like the universe is telling you that everything is lined up and as it needs to be! what a powerful letter repetition for your boys to share (as you say this when they fight over the magnet alphabet letters!).

  4. i thought i had done very well with brook and oran. (just noticed the three o’s!!!!)
    getting their passports done the man behind the counter noticed that when using initials you need to be careful of the order. B.O Stevens. (b.o means smelly sweat here!) not so good.

  5. The names we chose for the twins have 8 and 9 letters. We total 3 Rs and 4 Cs. Big fights at the fridge door (where the magnetic letters are).
    Plus, they took AGES to learn how to spell their name.

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