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(In no way does this post intend to belittle anyone’s experience on bed rest.)

I was on some form of modified or strict bed rest for 14 weeks when I was pregnant with my boys. Fourteen weeks. It was hard, boring, scary, and long. But you know what? I have a secret!

I really miss being the ultimate couch potato.

There are two things I miss so much I could cry. I miss watching hour after hour of television with NO GUILT. With the help of my TiVo boyfriend, I got to watch anything I ever wanted to watch – movies, dramas, reality shows, comedies, baby shows. And the TiVo remote was mine, ALL MINE. No constant whining for Dora when I want to watch Rock of Love (which obviously I do not really watch in front of my boys!). No handing the remote to my husband.

The other part I miss? STUFFING MY FACE. I made the most of my 5000-6000 calories each day. I’d love to say I ate organic and low-fat meals. Nope, I stuffed my face. Lunch was mac and cheese covered in bacon. Afternoon snack was a chocolate milkshake. I lost count of how many large roast beef sandwiches I ate from Arby’s. Arby’s! And I ate every bite with not one single moment of guilt.

Would I ever want to live through that experience again? Absolutely not. But I would love to have just one entire day laying on the couch watching all my shows, stuffing my face, and having someone wait on me hand and foot… all GUILT FREE.

Tell me your true mom confession!

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23 thoughts on “True bed rest confession”

  1. I agree with Michele. Naps, glorious naps. Afternoon AND morning NAPS! Oh, and NO HOUSE CLEANING! I relished that my husband was responsible for cleaning the bathrooms (couldn’t do the bending over or come into contact with those toxic cleaners, could I?) and our floors.

  2. I still eat like crazy (thank you breast milk) but I also miss the napping whenever I wanted with no judgement and people getting things for me. Now, no one ever says, “no, no, you stay – I’ll get that for you” It was nice to be waited on, even if I pretended like I didn’t want/like it.

  3. I miss naps. Both when I was pregnant and finally convinced my doctor to give me 2 weeks off work before my C-Section (naps on my hard office floor do not count) and the naps I could take when I was home with my kids and they napped.

    I also miss how I could order my husband around with the reasoning “It’s for the babies”.

  4. Good for you for making the most of a tough situation.

    I was lucky enough to never be on bed rest, but boy did I love eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted when I was pregnant. And the excuse to rest whenever possible.

    You have me wanting a milkshake . . .

  5. Oh My God – too true! I totally wish I had one of those days back also. Stuffing my face, television, naps, reading, surfing the web. And the best part was just like you said, ‘NO GUILT!’

  6. Milkshakes = Dairy! And good fats! I’m supposed to have fats, right?

    Bacon Cheeseburgers = Iron! Protein! And more dairy! A three-fer!

    That, and many of the errands became M’s. Grocery store, laundry, anything that needed to go up and down stairs or be carried.

  7. Oh yes – I’ve even thought about checking BACK into the hospital, where I spent a week of bedrest, just to have people fussing over me again, and hours of quiet, surprisingly good food brought to me at my every whim, all the TV I wanted, and Ambien to help me sleep at night :)

    That, and eating whatever I wanted. Those days are gone!

  8. You couldn’t have said it better!! I would love just one of those days every so often with NO GUILT! I really didn’t mind bedrest for those very reasons – other than being horribly uncomfortable! I even agree with Karen that Hospital bedrest really was fantastic too…

  9. i don’t know if mine is a confession but i just blogged about my mild allergic reaction to motherhood that came up last

    i do long to just go and not think about mothering all the time. like, to just spend time with tim without the background noise of being a mama. hard to do but we might get practice later this month in mammoth. woot.

  10. I was on hospitalized bed rest with my first (singleton, go figure). Didn’t really dig it. I was lonely and bored. Basically, I checked into the hospital and didn’t check out until I had her. I wasn’t quite ready to give up my freedom just yet. But in those 3 weeks I did bond with her and was so happy to meet her. Ironically, no bedrest with the twins.

  11. OK, so bed rest for me was miserable. 23 weeks of it and most of the time I couldn’t keep anything down. Plus for the first 4-6 weeks I couldn’t even watch TV because noise made me nauseous. BUT once the nausea went away and I could finally eat (maybe the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy) I will agree that I loved those naps. Some days I pretty much slept all day! I miss that part of it.

  12. I miss absolutely nothing about my 13.5 weeks on bedrest. Not the TV, not the naps, nothing. I was in horrible pain (costochondritis & disc pain), and threw up daily, with horrible heartburn, while jittery and headachy from the terbutaline. It was sheer, terrifying torture. I’m glad to hear it has fonder memories for some of you, though!

  13. I’m with bmiad. I wasn’t even really on bedrest (other than for two weeks with “modified bedrest”), and it was miserable. I had terrible acid reflux (had never experienced it before in my life, even with two previous pregnancies), and so I couldn’t lie down flat without throwing up or nearly doing so. And I was sore all over, and so I never could get into a deep sleep. For pretty much the whole pregnancy I took no pleasure from either sleeping or eating because food didn’t taste good to me. I had a 1 year old and a 3 year old to care for (plus I was still working from home). For me, there was nothing like the misery of a twin pregnancy to make post-partum feel absolutely fabulous. Within a half hour of natural birth (no drugs), I felt better than I had for 8 months. I’ll take sleepless nights and four kids under age four any day. Just don’t make me pregnant with twins again! (Or actually pregnant at all–four kids is more than enough!)

  14. Sigh, I wish I had been on bed rest when I DIDN’T have a 2 year old running around, it would have been a much better experience!!

  15. I miss naps…although I worked until 4 days before the twins were born at 38 weeks and was going to school (how did I do that?), so I didn’t get many. I have found myself fantasizing about after the twins were born in the hospital. Laying there alllll day, sleeping in and out, sending the babies to the nursery at night, eating as much as they would bring me (man, the portions were SMALL!) and ordering from the late-night menu. I liked the laying there and getting food brought to me and eating with no guilt. THAT was great! Of course, I wouldn’t love to be back there post-c-sec ever again, but if I could lay around and eat…yeah, that’d be great! 😉

  16. Hmmm. My confession? Some days I am so tired, I honestly think that getting pregnant with triplets again might be a nice break for me. But then, I come to my senses when I realize that bed rest when I had no one but myself and my growing belly to care for, would be significantly different than when I had three more on board, in addition to four-year-old triplets and a one-year-old toddler that were scaling the walls.

  17. I will miss nothing about bed rest! I am the complete opposite and feel nothing but guilt as my little one jumps around not understanding why her mama cannot run and jump and take her to the parks. I will not miss missing out on family functions and friends. I will not miss that pain I got in my hip from laying on the couch. NOTHING!!! :)

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