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Years ago, when I would visit friend’s with kids, I would leave their homes with my nose wrinkled, thinking haughtily to myself “When I have kids, my house is never going to smell like dirty diapers.” I even made my mom promise to tell me if my house began to take on that oh-so-distinctive aroma.  Well, folks, I can honestly say that most days my house smells like S***!

My duo likes to do their dirty business four times a day each (they are almost 22 months old), and let me tell you, that is a lot of poop!

So, dear HDYDI readers, what is your solution to this nose-wrinkling problem? We have a diaper genie  in the nursery, which I hate because it does not complete contain the smell and the liners are over $4. When we are downstairs, we end up chucking the dirty diapers into the kitchen garbage can, which we empty every evening.  What is your favorite  tip, solution or product that helps you to avoid this problem!?

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21 thoughts on “What's That Smell?”

  1. Dude, it’s so true! Sometimes I think I’m smelling poop when I’m not. Phantom poop!

    I use a Diaper Champ, and given the layout of our house, we actually have the changing table and diaper trash in its own bedroom. It seems mostly contained, but some days I wonder if my whole world just smells like toddler poop.

    It’s not pretty, but it’s our reality, isn’t it?

  2. I’ve been smelling the “phantom poop” all day!! In the car, in the house, in the store! Maybe it’s just ingrained in our noses???

    I know it’s extra work, but dumping the poo in the toliet and flushing it away seems to work the best for us in keeping that rotten smell away! or a good old plastic (gasp!) bag tied tightly does the trick too :) Good luck!

  3. I’m just glad to hear we’re not the only ones putting diapers in the kitchen trash. :-) I got sick of paying $6 a pop for the Diaper Genie refills! Yes, our house smells like S*** too. When we visit relatives houses, they request for the diapers to be bagged, double bagged, and taken to the outside trash immediately. It’s only then that I realize that they probably get the gagging reflex the minute they walk into my house!

  4. Ours get bagged and put into the outside garbage immediately. Alex can empty a room with just the smell of his farts, so #2 needs to go outside!

    But… my boys only go once a day each and it’s usually at day care.

    And OH BOY does that day care room stink to HIGH HEAVEN at the end of the day.

  5. Oh darn! I was hoping to get some good suggestions or find out that the newest Diaper Genie works wonders.
    I can’t say that my whole house smells like poop. But when we enter the babies room in the morning or when they wake from a nap and they are dirty it is really bad. I have the hands free graco diaper pails and while it contains the odor you get a full on blast of it when you open it to deposit a diaper. The smell will linger and stink up the room. I only use that diaper pail and never put the dirty diapers any where else. I have stick up airfreshners inside the pail which eventually get closed up from the pressure of the diapers. (even on the sides) I have solid gel airfreshners right beside the diaper pail. I spray the diaper pail with lysol disinfectant spray when I change the bags. (hubby does not do this). It helps for about a day. But no, I smell poop all the time just like the above Moms mentioned. You’d think that in the year 2009 someone could make a diaper pail to contain the odor. I’m going to keep reading this post to see if anyone out there has a solution to our poop.

  6. Once my twins were on solids, all the dirty diapers went STRAIGHT outside – the diaper champ just couldn’t contain it. We only put wet diapers in the champ. Usually we toss the dirty diaper just outside the utility room door into the garage and then take it all the way to the trash can at the bottom of our driveway when there’s someone else there to watch the kids. I have a super sensitive nose so it was the only option for us!

  7. As part of our potty learning process, we moved diaper (now pull-up) changes into the bathroom. We dump the poop in the potty and flush it. The girls now understand that it goes in the potty, even when they go in their pull-ups. This has helped reduce the smell considerably.

  8. I couldn’t bear the thought of spending lots of money on a diaper champ or liners. I keep a small garbage pail with a lid (about $5 at Target) just out the back door. It keeps me from having to walk all the way out to the big trash can. It gets emptied out every couple of days. Thankfully for the most part this keeps the stink outside, I’m not spending lots of $$$ and running back and forth from the trash bin.

  9. I use the Diaper Champ which is okay. Now that they’re getting bigger, we TRY (and it’s hard with so many in diapers) to get the poop off the diaper and into the toilet before putting the diaper into the Champ. That helps. But it’s not always practical!

  10. Since day one all diapers go to outside trash can. We save HEB bags and put them in there. There are days (rainy or I’m too lazy) however when I place them in the bag and put them on the front step (out of the way of course) and hubby takes the bag to the trash can.

    I’ve never once had to spend money on refills and our house has never once smelled like poop.

    My friend has a cute little trash can with a lid on the front porch and she places them in there to be taken out in the evening. I do the HEB bags bc it makes us take them to the trash can bc they are unsightly.

    Mom to Abigail and Porter who will be 3 really soon and hopefully will be out of diapers on their 4th birthday :)

  11. Switch to cloth? Our house doesn’t smell like poop :-). I’ve lost track of how many times the twins poop a day. My hub says the diaper pail (dry) smells like a shrimp boat though. For the first two months, we did use disp’s, and that “dead-animal” smell in the Diaper Champ was quite lovely. Good luck to you de-odorizing!

  12. Strangely enough, my twins don’t poop that much yet so I *hope* that our house doesn’t smell too bad. Though I’m sure that just by writing this, it will trigger their little bowels to go into overdrive and stink up that place!

  13. We save all the grocery bags and store them on each floor. All poo diapers go directly in the bag and out the garage door, either nicely hooked on the stair rail or slung to the end of the garage…th prompt the next person that open it to toss them in the outside can.

  14. We use cloth and don’t have any problems with odor. I think it might be because we dump the poop in the toilet, and then we spray the dirty diapers with bac-out before we toss them in the diaper pail. That bac-out stuff is amazing, it instantly neutralizes any odor. We use a Diaper Dekor and I’m kind of annoyed at paying for the expensive liners, but it’s worked so well that I don’t want to mess with the system!

  15. I was JUST thinking about this today! Mostly, because we’re in the process of figuring out how to help our house not smell like a daycare center. We’re switching to cloth next week, when our diapers get delivered, but we’ve tried several things, though, I think that dumping the poo in the toilet, cloth or not, seems like the best way. We’ve tried….

    – A cheap can with a lid in the twin’s room before solids. (Smelly and had to be emptied and cleaned daily, even with using grocery store bags).
    -Bagging them and putting them out back (be careful not to trip over the poopy diapers).
    -Since we are switching to cloth, we decided to buy one of those metal Simple Human trash cans because I’ve heard they work well and we can use it for trash/recycling after their done with diapers. I started throwing the disposables away in there and FYI — it contains the smell for disposables (with poop in them) just okay. We have it in an enclosed vestibule area that has a window, so I crack the window and there’s no smell.
    -I put a Method Lavender/Citrus air freshener in the twin’s room for those days you walk in and they have a stinky diaper. I love that air freshener….lasts a long time and smells good.

  16. i change the boys in our bathroom which is steps away from our slider that lead directly to outside air and the place where their poop resides, in that turning thing where the dipes fall down. i cannot have that stuff in my house, it is lethal.

    one of the perks of year round sunshine and ranch style homes.

  17. We do exactly what Libby does, it costs nothing and works great. We save all the plastic bags and at all times an empty bag is hooked over a doorknob or nearby railing, dirty diapers get bagged directly into the bag and taken out of the house on the next run. We bring a bag out at least twice per day.

  18. I have 2 1/2 year old b/g twins. I can’t stand the fact that our house smells like poop! The only thing I found that works is Febreze. Every other week I try to Febreze the carpet, drapes and couches. It seems to help because if I let it go for too long I start to notice the smell again when we walk in the front door.

  19. I found that the dirty diaper smell was actually worse when we used a diaper pail. The smell fermented in there or something and permeated the whole house. It was terrible! I tried bleach, Lysol, etc, but nothing could get rid of that stench.

    Now poopy diapers go into a plastic grocery bag and straight outside. After changing a particularly bad poopy diaper I’ll spray Oust in the room. Wet diapers just go into the kitchen trash, which is emptied daily.

  20. We use the cloth during the day and flush dirty diapers then soak them in baking soda water solution till day 2. We then let them soak in washer for several hours in vinegar solution to ensure all smell and bacteria is gone. I use disposable at night or if we are out and we have a diaper genie 2 (the blue one) We don’t go through that many liners as we are usually using cloth. I can’t stand the smell of poopy diapers and my husband laughs as I will gladly change the diaper rather than wait a few minutes for him to get around to it. I was given a bunch of small bags that are deodorized as that I keep in the diaper bag for when we are out. They remind me of the same ones I get at the dollar store for when I walk the dog!

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