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Reading the comments on my recent bed rest confession post, I was stunned at the number of pregnant moms who took naps. I took maybe three naps my whole pregnancy. I tried to figure out why I didn’t nap more and that’s when I remembered… my Pregnancy Superpower. It was a power so powerful I could not discuss it. I was too afraid to jinx it. I was worried I would get pelted with rotting vegetables by other pregnant women.  And I will tell you, it was awesome.

Almost every night of my pregnancy, I slept 10 to 12 uninterrupted hours. In a row. No getting up to pee. No tossing and turning. Sometimes on weekends I would sleep 14 hours, going to bed at 10PM and waking up refreshed at noon the next day.

The thing that disrupted my sleep more than anything was my husband getting up to pee in the middle of the night. Or my husband tossing and turning, frantically worried about the impending TWO BABIES!

My Pregnancy SuperpowerBefore the vegetable pelting begins, think hard and tell me your Pregnancy Superpower. I know you all have one. I read your blogs. Some of you never had pre-term labor. Some of you had full-term vaginal births. Some of you never puked in public.

And follow-up question: what Pregnancy Superpower other than the one you had would you want to have? My answer: None! I’ll never get to sleep that much again until the boys move out of the house.

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28 thoughts on “My pregnancy superpower”

  1. My pregnancy superpower was the ability to eat any and everything:) I was never nauseous, never had any food aversions, heart burn or any food related issues. I went on eating everything my heart desired throughout my pregnancy!

    If I were to pick another superpower to go along with this it would be the ability to have not gained much weight while eating all that food! HA!!!

  2. Oh my lord am I jealous of your sleep. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep from about two weeks after my positive pregnancy test until the night after they were born. Bleh.

    My superpower, though, was that I had zero morning sickness. None. The only thing I did develop (and not until my 2nd trimester) was a sensitive gag reflex, so I had to be careful when I brushed my teeth. But otherwise, almost no nausea the entire pregnancy. Wahoo!

  3. My pregnancy superpower was my bright and happy mood. I didn’t even realize it until I was working on my “belly book” and it asked about my mood swings. Of the 3 choices I checked off “nonexistent – pregnancy has made me a Buddha, in size and spirit.”
    I also noted below that my husband said that pregnancy had made me nicer than usual. I guess I’ll take that as a compliment… :)

  4. LOL, great blog. I had zero morning sickness with any of my four. Never even got a funny feeling in my tummy. I felt as great as I do “non-pregnant”.

    But I had two superpowers – I have four natural childbirths, and experienced no pain whatsoever. And my longest labor was 89 minutes… 😀

    Hey, never underestimate the power of the mind to control every single situation!

  5. My pregnancy super-power was that I actually lost weight with my pregnancy. I had a net gain of only 10 lbs with my twin pregnancy and after the babies were delivered i weighed less than I did when I got pregnant. Of course this was due to the fact that I was sick almost the entire time, which is not an ideal weight loss plan, but it was very nice that even just a couple days after giving birth I was able to wear clothes that were just a little too tight even before I got pregnant.

  6. This is so fun.

    My pregnancy superpower was my physical stamina. I did yoga two days before Maddie and Riley were born at 39 weeks. I walked five miles three days a week until they were born, swam once a week, and never had swollen feet. It was great.

  7. My first pregnancy I felt so good the entire time, barely ever sick and actually very energetic (im sure the prenatals helped). My hair was thick and healthy, I slept like a rock and rarely had to wake to pee until neat the end and overall I just felt strong.

    This time around I do have DAYS like that, but my DD is in daycare and has gotten me ill so much now I’m just misrable half the time and perfectly fine the others, roller coaster. Plus I don’t sleep as well as I used to because i hear the baby monitor at night.

  8. My pregnancy superpower was that I delivered vaginally without drugs or any other intervention at 38 weeks. After a most miserable pregnancy, I felt better within a half hour of delivery than I had for probably eight months. I was walking around, eating, and generally feeling great. My OB and the L&D nurses couldn’t believe it. And I slept better in the hospital with the frequent interruptions by nurses and by the babies to breasfeed than I had in eight months also. And now, with 10 week old twins nursing multiple times per night, a just-turned 2 year old who is waking again during the night, and an almost four year old who has been sick recently, I’m getting more rest and feeling better than I had throughout the pregnancy. So I guess my pregnancy superpower is not being pregnant!

  9. I still have a couple of weeks to go so I don’t want to jinx it but like Laura I am able to get 10+ hours of sleep a night. I have also never had morning sickness (the stomach flu I caught doesn’t count!) or any other “symptom.” Frequent peeing and waddling also don’t count :-)

  10. Wow, between your pregnancy superpowers and your post twin pregnancy belly shot, I’m getting a little jealous. :-)

    My pregnancy superpower was that I never really had the mood swings that I read about. I’ve made up for that since then (my poor husband).

  11. I felt GREAT for the most part through two twin pregnancies–no morning sickness, no swelling, no real bed rest. Other than feeling uncomfortable at the end of each, they were perfect. I’m not so sure I wouldn’t trade that for sleep, which was horrible the moment I learned I was pregnant with the first set until well after the second set’s first birthday.

  12. Oh oh oh! I thought of another one! LOL!

    I left the hospital and was home within a few hours of each childbirth (except the first, when I thought I HAD to stay in the hospital – grrrr I wish I’d have known!). I was up, dressed in street clothes, and ready to get outta there. Stopped at the donut shops on the way home, and had friends and family waiting for me and my few-hours-old babies each time. What a great way to recover, at home in my own bed with my own “stuff”… 😀

  13. My pregnancy super power? Hmmm….

    Well, I only puked once, but was nauseous with heartburn for months, with the sensitve gag reflex…does that count?

    I never went into pre-term labor, and only needed modified bedrest because the ultrasound tech was wrong about my cervical measurements….had a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks.

    And I grew BIG babies! Jonathan was 7.12 and Faith was 6.12.

    But I think my greatest superpower was that I was very intune with what my body needed (rest, stretching, eating, hydrating, sleeping, etc.) I gave myself 100% permission to do what I thought was best for the babies, and thanks to God and a lot of prayer, it worked!

  14. I had a very smooth and fun pregnancy, but my ultimate superpower was that I have no stretch marks despite a 57-lb weight gain.

    I would have liked a super spine that conformed to any pillow or couch, rendering instant comfort.

  15. Oh dear lord, you slept more than an hour at a stretch? I was SOOO uncomfortable, I never slept more than an hour. However, I came to think of this as a superpower. I am the only person I know who MARVELED at how much sleep I got with newborn twins (even though I was nursing so never got a break). Those two, sometimes three hours at a stretch were pure heaven after not sleeping for the last five months of my pregnancy!

  16. Before pregnancy I had a bladder condition (IC). During pregnancy, although I still had to pee all the time, the pain and other issues went away, and I was (at least temporarily) cured! So I had fewer bladder issues pregnant than before.

  17. this is fun! with my ID boys i had no morning sickness whatsoever–none. having heard all the usual nightmare scenarios about incessant heaving and projectile vomiting (all of those people who say things like, “oh, TWO babies?? two BOYS?? How often are you throwing up?”) i bought huge numbers of saltines, ginger ale, etc. and never opened any of them.
    i also managed, despite being a chronic worrier, to maintain an optimistic outlook through the duration of the (nearly 38 week) pregnancy! i felt justified relaxing as much as i felt i needed, i ate well, drank copious amounts of water and read non-child-related books to my heart’s content. if only i had parenting superpowers that helped me remain so relaxed once the babies arrived!!

  18. almost forgot–a pregnancy superpower i would really love to have had at my disposal–instant “twin skin” removal. for those who don’t know of what i speak, count yourselves lucky–as for me, my stomach will never be the same!

  19. My pregnancy superpower was my skin (clearer than it’s ever been since I was 10 years old) and my hair. My grandmother told me I looked like a little girl again. Then I had the babies, and between sleep deprivation and the hormonal roller coaster the hair fell out and the skin was worse than it’s been since I was 14. Once I quit breast-feeding the skin calmed down. The superpowers I would have liked? Going a few weeks longer (had them at 34.5 weeks), being able to keep exercising and gaining less weight (I’m still 10 pounds over the pre-preg mark 27 months after they were born).

  20. Wow, it’s amazing to read how much strength so many other MoM’s had! My pregnancy superpower was having a vaginal delivery. I did have an epidural. My pregnancy was awful…lots of sickness and bed rest at the end. Recovery was worse. But, I was thankful I also was able to eventually breastfeed both exclusively, which helped take off the pregnancy weight. Now, I’m in physical therapy trying to get my body to line back up as it should. It’s great to be reminded of what turned out well through the whole process and to focus on that instead of all the hard stuff!

  21. My pregnancy super power was the ability to smell coffee from miles away (which made me gag!)! That was the worst smell to me– and half the time I smelled it and no one else did. ha! I’m happy to report I’m back “on” coffee and am in love with it again. Also… no stretch marks with my twins! Well… I’ll be honest… I have a few on my booty… but I can’t see those unless I really try, so they don’t count– right?? :)

  22. Wow, that is some sleeping!!!

    Hmm, I never threw up. Nor did I get any stretchmarks. Those might be my superpowers. That, and the fact that I had good sized babies who didn’t need NICU time. Yay!

  23. I had an amazingly hard pregnancy,about every complication in the book and a delivery that almost killed both my baby b and I. She turned and there was no time for a c section and i had to have her breech vaginally,and her shoulders were stuck in my pelvis.i had surgery at 22 weeks to save my pregnancy and wound up having them at 32 weeks. in light of all this my babies were in two different hospitals and all the doctors and nurses that we came in contact with said they had never seen preemies as small as ours flurish like they did. so my superpower is that i have little miracle fighter babies! Of course the super power i would like to have is an uneventful pregnancy,seeing as how i was on 10 weeks of hospital bedrest and had 4 babies under4 at home before the twins. We are doing great now and my little fighter babies are as fat as ever they stay latched to my breasts! sometimes i feel like a milk cow and wonder if their gonna slaughter me when i get old….lol.

  24. My superpower was that I could work crazy work hours while in my third trimester – only symptoms were mild heartburn and featloves. My other superpower was being able to put off my thank you notes until the couple of days before my scheduled C-Section.

    I WISH I had the no stretchmarks superpower. I’m a big fan of candelight interludes with Husband now.

  25. My secret pregnancy superpower was going in to pre-term labor at 27 weeks …I was 4 centimeters dialated and 75% effaced and keeping my twinkies in utero until 36 weeks gestation without being confined to a hospital bed (thank God). Yes I do believe in mind over matter and a whole lot of prayers.

  26. My husband can sleep that much normally! ha ha He is the one really missing sleep since our kids arrived.
    My pregnancy super power was being able to work full time then move to a new house up until the babies were born. They came 12 hours after the last item was moved into the new house. My other super power was having a lighting fast labor (drug free) and fast pushing out for a first kid. The second one was uncooperative, however, giving me a double whammy labor (vag & c/s).

  27. In the twin pregnancy, the superpower was health. Little to no sickness, no stretch marks, easy nodrug delivery at 38 weeks (100 minutes from sitting in front of the tv to holding newborn #2 in my arms). All of this in the evening of a completely normal workday.
    NB there were no further normal workdays for a long time after that.

    In the single (and first) pregnancy, I felt like an athlete on doping drugs. I could take longer hikes than usual, carry extra weight, run faster.

    What I would mostly like to have back is a special form of that extra energy, which surprised my husband in a VERY positive way, quite as much as the big boobs. We would have to soundproof the bedroom, I guess.

  28. I didn’t get any stretch marks. I also gained only 38 pounds when I was pregnant with the girls and within the first week I lost 31 pounds. My thighs were actually smaller then they are now shortly after delivery because the girls were just taking everything I ate in the last trimester. I couldn’t keep up with them. I’m also proud that I grew two big, healthy babies (6.2 & 6.8 pounds – and no NICU stay at all).

    What I wish I could have….YOURS! I would love to be able to sleep that long while I am pregnant – or anytime for that matter. I keep a Sam’s Club size jar of Tumms next to the bed for my nightly heartburn. Fun stuff…

    Great post!

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