Two of my favorite products in my diaper bag

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My boys are just under three years old and we celebrated a major milestone this weekend – Nate is in underwear only during the day. Ironically, this means I need to start traveling with more in my diaper bag. We had reached the point where I would throw a Diapee Wipee full of diapers and a pack of wipes in my purse for any outings. What’s a Diapee Wipee, you ask? Only one of my favorite products – a fabric case for storing diapers so they don’t get scrunched in the bottom of your diaper bag. (I’m sure crafty moms could make this very easily!)


When we go out, we still need to bring along diapers for Alex, but now we have to bring changes of clothes. However we get to bring along another one of my favorite products, the Ju Ju Be Mess Shuttle. It is a reusable waterproof pouch that holds wet items and contains the smell. Previously I used it for wet bibs and soiled onesies. Now it will get used for accidents out of the house. It’s just big enough to hold a pair of wet toddler pants, wet toddler socks, and wet toddler underwear.  


What are some must-have products in your diaper bag? I like to travel light but I am always looking for ways to organize!

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4 thoughts on “Two of my favorite products in my diaper bag”

  1. Shamefully enough, I carry ziploc bags and….doggie pick up bags for whenever there’s a mess out and about. Frankly, I threw both in there because they were already in my house!

    I had no idea such cute, functional stuff existed. I love the diaper caddy.

  2. I love the idea of throwing the diaper caddy in my purse when the babies get a little bigger and don’t need so much stuff. I have one but wasn’t sure exactly what to use it for, thanks:)

    My new favorite diaper bag item is the formula dispenser

    It is very convent to have the powder all measured out and ready to go. I just take along the 2 bottles filled with water and it makes feeding on the go a snap!

  3. Oh, this is the part of potty training I’m NOT looking forward to. These days, I throw two diapers in my purse and we’re out the door. Not winning Mother of the Year awards over here, but that’s all we’ve used as a diaper bag for a year or so. Soon, it will be back to carrying extra sets of clothing….

  4. My changing pad and burp cloths are probably the most important things in my diaper bag, other than the diapers themselves. the changing pad has ziplock baggy type thinsg attached so very easy for yucky diapers that you can’t throw away in the regular trash wherever you happen to be. The burp cloths are actually cloth diapers from Walmart but we use them for everything. Burping wiping faces, tucking under chins if there is a lot of drooling going on. I love them and they’re bleachable and I would never leave home without at least 2.

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