Less fun than the first steps…

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Disclaimer: I love my twins. They are fantastic and I have a great family. Most days, I love having twins. Yesterday was not one of them.

Dear moms of singletons (who tell me—incessantly—how great it is that I have twins because they play together),

My son, who is a quiet little guy, spoke his first sentence yesterday a week after his second birthday. In fact, he’d never even said a two word sentence, and we got three—subject, verb and object. Go Danny.  And what did he say?

“Bite! Abby bite. Abby bite. Abby bite Danny!”

Yep, it was a day of firsts in my house. Abigail bit for the first time at 4pm—and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th before bed at 7pm—and Danny spoke his first sentence. Somehow I should be happier about this developmental gain. Right? Right?

Yep, moms of one. Enjoy your lonely singleton. He may not have anyone to play with, but at least he is not covered in teeth marks.

Mom to Danny & Abigail, age 2

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14 thoughts on “Less fun than the first steps…”

  1. Oh no! HILARIOUS! Mine are already attacking each other and they are only ten months. Only hair pulling and eyeball gouging so far. Sorry about the teeth marks, though. Ouch.. Thanks for the glimpse into my future!! :)

  2. Oooooo… we went through a horrible biting phase with the boys at day care. Every day I showed up and they told me who bit whom. It was so maddening! We finally got it to stop by:

    *making sure Alex ALWAYS had motrin when he was getting molars & canines
    * each boy got a very special biting toy they could bite whenever they felt like biting. it was only used when they felt like biting.
    * we read Teeth are not for Biting about a million times
    * biter got separated from EVERYONE. Bitee got so much attention, hugs, love and special boo boo buddy in front of biter.
    * longer timeouts and loss of privileges (better with older kids)

    Hang in there! I think biting is one of the worst bc people are so judgemental about it.

  3. The biting phase is no fun. The first time it happened I was horrified, and I had no idea who the biter was because I had been in the bathroom. Now my daughters tattle when they even THINK someone is going to bite them, so I think we’re out of that phase.

  4. At their 2 year pedi appt, one of my twins was covered in bite marks. I was so embarrassed! The pedi took one look at him and said, “yep, that happens with twins!”

    It was luckily a short-lived phase. We also read “teeth are not for biting” one zillion times, and gave tons of attention to the bitee.

  5. Yeah, I always kind I have a little smirk behind my smile when people tell me that they always wanted twins. I love them, but it is hard work.

    How funny, I was just logging on to look for biting advice…..
    My babies are 11 months old. They each have 8 teeth and my son Max bites his sister often. It is clearly not malicious, he is just looking for something to chew on, but all too often it ends up being his sister’s arm, elbow or fingers. When I see it happen I usually give his a stern “no” and move him to a quite spot away from the toys. It doesn’t really seem to work.

    I will try LauraC’s suggestions but I would love any other input. My poor daughter has too many bite sized bruises.

  6. I feel your pain. Today my girls had their worst biting incident yet. Lily (who has twice as many teeth as her sister) clamped down on Maddie’s finger unbelievably hard, and Maddie screamed for an eternity. Admittedly, Maddie did stick her finger in Lily mouth, but I don’t think that was the result she was expecting.

  7. Rebecca,

    Faith’s first long sentance was “Hey! Get back here!” when Jonathan took off running with her pacifier for the 486th time.

    We haven’t had too much biting around here lately, but it was a problem for a while. Jonathan even had several perfect bite impressions on his cheek where Faith clamped down. While it upset me that Faith was biting him, I only punished if I saw it happen. Otherwise, I let them work it out. Jonathan is incredibly physical with Faith, and often pins her to the ground or sits on her. She isn’t as strong as him, so her defense was to scratch or bite. FINALLY, they seem to give eachother a bit of personal space, and they respect eachother more. But one of the hardest things about being a mom to two is when they hurt eachother. I don’t know how I will react the first time a child not related to me hurts one of them, because I can’t stand it when they hurt eachother!

  8. My boys are almost two and cross my fingers, have only a couple of biting incidents — so far. But they are starting to experiment with things like “head butting” each other and “wrestling each other to the ground”, getting pretty rough at times! I try not to intervene (mostly).
    As a female, I don’t really GET the male/masculine, wrestling, rough play, tackling, yelling, screeching thing. But my husband and 3 boys are teaching me!

  9. We’re dealing with this with our 19 months olds – DS biting and head-butting DD. OMG! It started at probably 14 months and has just gotten progressively worse because DS seems to enjoy when we get upset (nothing like pushing Mommy’s buttons I s’pose). And then our own lovely first this week, day care told me for the first time that he bit another child. …off to find “Teeth are not for biting”!

  10. So funny! I guess your little guy just needed modivation to talk – and he got it, thanks to his sister. :-)

    Hope that he will have more sentences and she will have less biting!

  11. I’m trying so hard not to laugh….

    Did you take a picture for evidence? I did when Burke bit Maggie for the first time 😉

    We TOTALLY thought they were long over this phase, but he actually just bit Maggie’s toe the other day. At age *4*!! What’s up with that??

  12. my twin sons turned two on friday. they received many various trucks from family…dump trucks, etc. they have been playing obsessively in the sand pile for days and i started to feel guilty that they were being so independent so i decided to join them for some play. i came around the corner and asked them this and that and mace stood up and pointed at me and said “i need….you to go.” yep, commanded out of their presence, twice in fact. ouch. mama does not really want her little ones to grow up…not that fast anyway.

    language is so fun, right?

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