Recycled Post: The Power of Grandparents

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In honor of my grandfather, who was in the hospital this week, I am recycling this post.  Glad you are finally home Pap! We love you!

I love taking my kids to visit my grandparents, because my Nina and Pap seem more alive around Jonathan and Faith. Whereas I can feel worn out and beaten up, my grandparents seem to absorb some of the youthfulness of my children. Their eyes light up, they laugh, point, clap and encourage. They have nothing but time to enjoy their great-grandchildren. The messes don’t concern them. The broken semi-treasures are of no concern. The fingerprints and smudges bring them joy days after our visit. It is so very good for me to see my twin toddlers through their eyes.

Yesterday, we went to the park with them. My 85 year-old grandfather pulled the kids in their choo-choo wagon part of the way. My 77 year-old grandmother whipped out a bag from her pocket and the kids were shown how to collect pine cones. Everything we did was unrushed, and unhurried. I was conscious of my Pap’s bad hip, and slowed my pace. I saw laughter in my Nina’s eyes when Jonathan started getting into mischief, which helped me to see him through her eyes, and I didn’t get angry with him.I am so very disappointed that I forgot my camera, but I was mentally taking pictures of little Faith reaching up to take Pap’s hand. And although he is awfully heavy, Nina carried Jonathan when his chubby little arms reached up to her, pleading for her to carry him.  What will stay with me in the years to come was Nina saying:

If ever there was something in the world that felt better than a little hand in mine, I have never felt it.

Share a grandparent story or memory with us! What have you learned from the grandparent figures in your life?

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3 thoughts on “Recycled Post: The Power of Grandparents”

  1. unfortunately my grandparents died before seeing all of my children, but my parents seem to just “eat” them up. My parents have 11 grandchildren now and 9 of them are 2 and under. It is so funny to watch them and realize that grandchildren really do make our parents melt like butter. The smiles they receive and the arms stretched out is just a moment that my parents keep in their hearts. Also it is funny to me that the rules are different with grandchildren then with their own. Candy is okay, spoiling dinner is okay, breaking things is fine and nap time is optional. The one thing that remains constant is the love.

  2. Beautiful post. Its so wonderful your children have a close relationship with their grandparents.

    I had a special relationship with my grandmother on my mother’s side. She was absolutely hilarious. I loved her because she said outrageous things and drove my mother crazy. Whenever my mother left the room she used to pull me aside and tell me to never get married and have children. “It’s not worth it,” she’d say, “just get your lovin’ and move on. If they had birth control pills when I was your age, I’d be eating them like popcorn!”

    I’m sure if she had lived to see my wedding and my baby girls, she would have changed her mind 😉

  3. My 10 month old girls didn’t get the pleasure of knowing my grandparents, which makes me so sad but my 5 year old did – they both have passed in the last 3 years, but she talks about them so much and the love that she had for them, and theyfor her, is precious and priceless. That she remembers them as much as she does brings a smile to my heart. Kayla had her first laugh at their house, which will always be such a beautiful memory for me. My grandfather gave her Mabel, her favorite doll/lovey that she sleeps with every night since birth and carried around everywhere for the first 3 years – now she just travels with us on special occasions, but must be in bed with her or else! She brought pure joy to their lives when we visited and they would light up and really come alive; and even though my grandmother had Alzheimers and didn’t remember many people, she always remembered Kayla. I love that she knew my grandparents because they were so special to me and I hope that she keeps at least some memory of them as she gets older.

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