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My boys turned three on Saturday and we sang Happy Birthday to them individually. They have to share SO MUCH that I thought it would be nice to give them individual attention on their birthday. Alex went first since he is the oldest, so technically his birthday is first! Then a couple of comments on my blog made me wonder what other multiple parents do? Do you sing it once? And those of you who are multiples, what did you do growing up and what did you wish was done?

One thing I did learn – keep the boys away from each other’s cupcakes/cakes in future birthdays. This is Alex blowing out Nate’s candles!


(Photo courtesy of Wendy Willis.)

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16 thoughts on “Singing Happy Birthday to Multiples”

  1. When they were two, we started singing to them separately. We always do Abby first since she is the oldest. I think they like it. It gives them something that is their own.

  2. We’ve always sung to them separately, and our guests have been very understanding about this. We don’t really talk about birth order, and switch the order in which they get the birthday song from one year to the next.

    This birthday (their third) was the first time they’ve shared a cake, but it was clearly divided into halves with each twin’s name on their half. They each had their own set of candles, so there were six candles on the cake.

    This year, a bonus was that each girl REALLY enjoyed the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to her sister along with all their friends. And of course, they grinned from ear to ear when it was their own turn to be the center of attention.

  3. We sing to Jonathan first, then Faith. We practiced with the candle blowing on Friday (a tip from you, I believe!) and they adored the Happy Birthday song. They liked it so much, that after their time to shine at the party, they requested “more song” so we sang to them (and re-lit the candles) over and over, but only did one version with both names.

    I highly recommend practicing the candle blowing out thing-worked great!

  4. After watching Jon and Kate sing separately to their sextuplets I looked at Hubby and said “Duh. Why didn’t we think of that??” We did it for the first time at their 3rd birthday and it was precious. Each time we sang the other sisters would start hugging the one we were singing to. It was such a great moment to see… and of course we’ll be singing separately from now on. I never thought about the order, but I think I’ll start paying attention. Heaven forbid in 10 years one of them ask why we always sing to her last LOL!

  5. We’ve always done it together because I didn’t think they really “got” it. But when they turn 3 in October I plan on doing it separately. The first year they cried when everyone sang and then clapped – too much noise I guess. And at age two they were so into the cakes in the candles that we could have been singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall and I don’t think they would have noticed. Now – when we go to other parties they are SOOOO into the birthday song. Heck, even when we brought out the cake on Mother’s Day they insisted we sing Happy Birthday to all the Mamas. Oh – and we’ve always done separate cakes. For their 2nd b-day Maddie actually requested vanilla and Chloe wanted chocolate so I made two mini cakes. As usual, great topic! And I love the birthday photos on your blog. The boys are turning into such little men – so cute!

  6. We sing to each one individually but this year I made them each their own cakes too. They really enjoyed having their names on their own cakes. Lots of fun.

  7. As a triplet that we did not have individual songs – just sang all three names (in birth order). Now we get separate mom phone calls but that is because we don’t live in the same house. I hadn’t intended to sing separate songs for my two but I think that is probably because of my personal experience. I can’t say enough that while I HATED sharing birthday as a kid I LOVE, LOVE it as an adult.

    P.S. We did occasionally have our own small cakes but I don’t remember feeling like it was a big deal.

    P.P.S. I also thought when Jon and Kate sang to their 6 kids individually that it must have been TORTURE for the guests. I think the occasional night alone with each kid is way more valuable in promoting individuality.

  8. We have sung separately to our boys, but they HATE singing, including listening to people sing, so the birthday song has ended in tears more than once. For now, we are skipping the singing entirely!

    We do separate cakes usually. Once they had a shared sheet cake, with each half decorated as requested by that boy.

  9. We sing Happy Birthday twice. We have always done it in age order, but may start to alternate the first name from year to year since this was just recommended by an adult friend who is a twin. Her family always did this and also had only one cake but each year they switched whose name came first on the caek.

    We had cupcakes this year rather than doing two cakes. It didn’t really work though. The kids viewed the cupcakes as muffins, which are an every day thing, rather than a cake which is a special thing! So we ended up making a cake the next weekend and singing to them again!

  10. Our boys will be turning three in a little over a month, and we plan to have separate cakes (one VW Bug, one firetruck, per their requests!!) as well as sing to each of them separately. They have had separate cakes and separate renditions of the birthday song each year. I think the fact that they are identical makes me feel that differentiating between them as much as I can is very important–others are so prone to seeing them as a unit that I definitely find myself working to make sure they are recognized as the individual people they are.
    BTW, I am a HUGE fan of practicing and rehearsing everything, and we are now working on the idea of SHARING the birthday cakes with guests. I realized after agreeing to make special cakes for each of them (what was I thinking??) that the last thing they’d want to do is cut them into slices and give them away!

  11. lol, our boys turned one last week and we all sang happy birthday, the last line was hysterical, some people sang happy birthday dear brook and oran, some happy birthday dear oran and brook, some missed the dear. we all laughed!!!!
    dh says he doesnt want us to rehearse it next year so we get it right, he likes the jumbled up ness of it!!!

  12. We do the same with our twins. They have separate cakes and separate songs.
    This year, because they will be 3, Emma will have a girly theme and Will will have a boyish theme :)

  13. We just celebrated our triplets’ very first b’day and I was pretty emphatic that all guests would be singing three times. (they loved that!) ‘They are triplets, but they’re individuals too,’ I’m always reminding people.

    They also had individual cakes and I LOVED the suggestion the owner of our local bakery gave…a large ‘focus’ cake for the non-b’day folks, and three individual 4 inch cakes for the babies. The large cake said ‘Happy 1st Birthday’ and each individual cake was personalized for each b’day baby!

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