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When we found out we were having a boy and a girl, the first thing out of my husband’s mouth was, “We get to buy ALL the toys!” It was so freaking cute!

But, despite this apparent free pass to clean out the aisles of ToysRUs, we have actually held back a bit with toys. We have eight gazillion tiny little things that probably fall under the category of “rattle” but we definitely have (Um…had. You’ll see.) fewer big toys than most folks.

Then I volunteered to serve on our Parents of Multiples club’s annual Garage Sale Committee. While I was working on the sale – writing updates for our club’s online forum and maintaining the PR database – I started to salivate a little about how much money I was going to make hawking my spit-up-upon wares: the exersaucer, the jumperoo, bouncies… Those space sucker-uppers that you can’t WAIT to get rid of, you know? I thought a bit about what I might buy at the sale, but not much, since we don’t really need anything.

Until people started showing up with their items to sell. TOYS, GLORIOUS TOYS! How could I have forgotten about the toys? There were nearly two days of seller “check-in” during which I mentally purchased approximately $50,000 in Fisher Price inventory. But surely I wouldn’t go bonkers once the sale actually started, would I?

Yes. Yes, I would. We committee members were allowed to shop first and I gluttonously directed the Hubs to haul countless items up to the checkout. This includes a nearly life-sized school bus, a basketball hoop, a ride-on zebra, blocks, megablocks, trucks, a motorcycle, puzzles, tents, tunnels, pool toys, and a kangaroo climber… Geez, I’m over-stimulated just typing that!.

Here’s the thing, though. We brought the toys home and they were very well-received. The school bus, especially.


But my kids like to keep me on my toes. As proof that toys do not make the baby, I did some other shopping that day and the haul from that trip seems to be more popular than any toy ever could.


Yep. A diaper box. HOURS of enjoyment, I tell you. Whether they’re pushing it, sitting in it, or just playing with its flaps, it doesn’t matter. They are enthralled! I could have saved the $150 I spent at the sale and just littered my house with cardboard. What was I thinking???

That’s when I realized (duh!) that the toy-buying is all about the parents. All my kids need is Tupperware, cardboard boxes, pots and pans, plastic water bottles, wooden spoons, an old (or new) cell-phone. Recently Butts has even become obsessed with a bottle of vodka we received as a gift. But I’m thinking that’s a subject for a different post.

Honestly, though, no matter how much joy they get out of the stuff we’ve got lying around the house, I’m sure we’ll keep buying toys. The Garage Sale provided us our first good hit of Plastic Ecstasy and now we’re hooked!

Toy Industry – 1

Our ING Account – 0

What about you? What kinds of household items are your kids hooked on? And are you hooked on buying toys?

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6 thoughts on “All The Toys…And Then Some”

  1. I hear you! I ended up leaving my last MOT sale with a new stroller (and spontaneously selling my old one!). It’s hard to resist.

    But yes, a lot of it is just for us. I was thinking about getting my kids a water table this year. Instead, I half-filled two 5-gallon buckets and they went to town for over an hour.

  2. Mi enjoys my cookbooks, especially the Pampered Chef Season’s Best that have their own box. Pretty sure she’s claimed those as her own. All of my nylon spoons/spatulas/wisks are popular, and if the door to the tupperware cabinet is left open?! Watch out. They love when UPS drops off boxes, because it is more for them to climb. Yesterday Me was walking around with a collander on her head and Mi had a bowl as a hat. Such little weirdos.

  3. I’m with ya, Erin! While the triplets’ actual ‘toys’ provide some entertainment, nothing is as fascinating to them as, well…ANYTHING else!! Plastic measuring spoons/cups are a particular hit.

  4. So true! I just bought a bouncy gym and filled it with balls….what a space hog…but the girls love it! Besides cell phones…don’t forget the remote control…they love the remote! Look forward to your next write up!

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