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My boy/girl twins are now 26 months. Could it be we are finally getting the hang of this parenting thing? Probably not…..

 So, other moms talk about big milestones….baby’s first steps, first words, first time left overnight with Grandma. Well, we had all of those. The steps came slowly, the words even slower (the overnight with Grandma much quicker than either) but as a mom of two toddlers, we have other important milestones too. First trip to the pediatrician without me holding two screaming kids (haven’t hit that one yet), first stomach bug without two kids AND two adults vomiting (Woohoo! We did that one!).  I could go on and on….

Stroller-less at the zoo
Stroller-less at the zoo

But, the other day, the kids and I hit another big milestone. Are you ready? We went to the mall, shopping for something specific for me, WITHOUT the stroller. Now, you can see this as impressive or judge me for being just plain nuts, but this was big for me. I’m tired of the stroller. I’m tired of lugging it in and out of the car. I’m tired of getting smacked in the leg with the front wheel. I’m tired of a toddler—ok, my daughter—screaming to get out. Get in. Get out. Get in. We’ve started leaving the stroller behind when we go out as a family—-to the zoo, the farm, or Target. But doing it by myself is another thing entirely. And at the mall!?

Planning trouble the next time Mommy lets her out of the stroller
Planning trouble the next time Mommy lets her out of the stroller

They did fantastic. We had a bit of an incident when they didn’t want to let go of the undergarments they were holding for me, so that we could buy them. We had a bigger incident on the escalator, when I realized—after we were getting on—that they were both scared of it. More practice is in order at the airport next month. But, we played at the playspace, bought my stuff, had a snack and had a great time. We even ran into friends at the playspace and Mommy got to chat. (And the kids got to stay an extra long time—a win/win situation). And, I’m thrilled. And loving my big, independent kids. I can finally see the day, in the not too distant future, when I put the double BOB up on Craig’s list. I’ve loved it, but it’s time will come.

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10 thoughts on “Milestones”

  1. That is a huge milestone! My girls are still afraid that a scary man is going to try to measure their feet for new shoes so they prefer the stroller these days. I’m not that brave….

  2. I love it! I’m not that bold yet, I still bring the stroller most places. But at least for now, my impatience at GETTING SOMEWHERE wins out over my annoyance at hauling it and having it not fit places. Daniel, in particular, will just sit and stare at things. He takes FOREVER to move. :-)

  3. Rebecca, I just remarked today to Jay at both of our strollers have been sitting on the porch for over a week, having not been used! But the mall?! Wow!

    How do you handle it when they both want to be carried or try to wiggle out of your grasp? Especially in parking lots, etc?

  4. We dumped the stroller at the 2-year mark. A wagon makes for a good backup, but we only use it for outdoor activities like the pumpkin patch and farm visits.

    I did recently borrow my neighbours’ double BOB; I had to retrieve my laptop from work late at night and thought my girls would fall asleep in the car. They ended up walking with me to the elevator and seriously enjoyed the view of Austin at night from the 25th floor. Stroller, fail.
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..How do you do it? =-.

  5. Impressive!! I tried this one today, but clearly we are not ready! Good for you for hitting this milestone! And, all while shopping for undergarments?! Even more impressive :)

  6. Mine are 23 months and we have done the mall a few times now without a stroller. It always makes me a little nervous but has gone smoothly so far :)

    As for the escalator at the airport…skip it and take the elevator. So much easier with the kids 😀 And all airports should have them.

  7. My first question is … Where did you put all the stuff? My three are good at walking on their own but I’m still carrying a diaper bag and purse (not to mention any purchases)… and I need my drink holders…what would I do with the coffee cup that has become an extension of my arm. If for no other reason, the stroller is a place to put everything so I don’t have to hold it.

  8. Jamie: I only take a diaper bag if we’re going somewhere for the day—otherwise, I have a couple of diapers in my purse and that’s it. The kids hold each other’s hands and then I hold one kid’s hand and I have a hand free to carry that (very important) cup of coffee.Or bag from Victoria’s Secret. Or whatever.

    Krissy: We’ve worked pretty aggressively with them around not running in a parking lot or near the car. We live on a busy street, so this was crucial. They’ve gotten quite good about it, and as long as no one (ok, Abigail’s) not being a pill, we’re ok. If I sense that she’s at the end of her rope, then I pick her hand to hold versus Danny’s. And somehow they know when they’re with me, they can’t be carried. When they’re with both of us, they are a whole different level of whining to be carried. Often both by Daddy. And thus was our trip to the farm yesterday….

  9. I remember my first trip without the stroller and it was SO LIBERATING. It was also to the mall. I actually make the boys hold hands with each other so they can not get too far apart. It makes it easier to corral them and the peeps LOVE seeing this in public.


    But I will not get rid of my BOB for a long time bc we use it to go to the park and I use it for running. THe double Combi hasn’t been used in months and months though,
    .-= LauraC´s last blog ..Why twins rule, #6842 =-.

  10. Good for you! Congrats!
    I’m still working on accepting the fact that I cannot take the triplets (13 months) to the park, grocery store or anywhere by myself. It’s just not safe. A nice long walk in the triple jogger does them good though.

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